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Exploring the Places to Visit in Matheran

Located in the Western Ghats range, Matheran is one of India's most scenic and peaceful hill stations. Nestled at an elevation of 800 m, this car-free destination has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty and attractions.

As an avid traveler who recently visited Matheran, I wanted to share my experiences and recommendations for fellow travelers planning a trip here.

Reaching Matheran

The nearest railhead is Neral, from where you can take a toy train ride on the narrow gauge railway track to reach Matheran. This slow, heritage train journey is an experience in itself! You can also drive up to Dasturi point and park your vehicle there to travel the final 2 km stretch on horseback or by foot. I chose the latter to soak in the pleasant walk through shaded forests.

Top Places to Visit

Once in Matheran, I explored by foot to cover the best attractions. Here are the top spots you must include in your itinerary:

Panorama Point

True to its name, the sweeping views of the surrounding hills and valleys from Panorama Point are breathtaking. Do carry your camera here. The sunrise and sunset views are particularly charming. Don't forget to try out the delicious local snacks sold by vendors here.

Matheran places to see

Charlotte Lake

This pristine lake enveloped by dense forests is a haven for nature lovers. Take a peaceful walk around the lake and sit by the banks for some time to admire the ducks swimming in the waters against a scenic lush green backdrop.

Charlotte lake

Echo Point

As the name suggests, Echo Point demonstrates curious natural echo effects. Walk down towards the cliffs nearby and shout out your name to hear it reverberate back! Great for kids and all those young at heart.

Porcupine Point

Marked by stunning vistas, Porcupine Point got its unique name from a rare incident where porcupines were spotted climbing down the steep cliffs. It offers panoramic views of the valleys and waterfalls nearby, especially in the monsoons.

Porcupine Point

Horse Riding

One of the key attractions for kids and adults alike is horse riding. Several authorized stables here offer horse riding packages for locals and tourists to explore various Matheran sights on horseback along designated routes.

Where to Stay

Matheran has a variety of stay options catering to all budgets right from basic hotels to upscale heritage bungalows. I chose a cozy mid-range resort close to the main market area for convenience. Remember to carry some warm clothing as the evenings and nights can get quite cold due to the hill station weather even in summer.

The Peaceful Charms

What I loved most about Matheran was its tranquil and pollution-free environs. The shady trees, aromatic pine forests, glittering lakes, and rich biodiversity here are unparalleled. It was a welcome escape from the chaos of urban life into nature's soothing embrace. From early morning walks to sitting by a cliffside at sunset – there are ample spots and ways to relax completely.

In Summary

Matheran makes for the ideal weekend trip if you stay close to Mumbai or Pune. With its picture-postcard scenery, cool climate, riding trails, and peaceful vibes – this offbeat destination has something for everyone. Simply wander about freely taking in the hill station's old-world allure or explore the key sites mentioned earlier for unmatched natural beauty. I cannot wait to return for another dose of tranquil rejuvenation!

I hope this travel guide gives you a good idea of what to expect and look forward to in Matheran. Let me know if you have any other questions as you plan your visit.

Have a great trip.


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