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Where is the Bhimashankar Temple Located?

The Bhimashankar Temple is one of the most revered Hindu temples in India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient shrine is regarded as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. But where exactly is this sacred temple located? Let's find out!

Where is the Bhimashankar Temple Located?

Nestled Amidst Sahyadri Ranges in Maharashtra

The Bhimashankar Temple is situated in the majestic Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra. It is located approximately 127 km away from Pune city in the northwest region of the state.

The temple lies in the village of Bhorgiri, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ambegaon taluka in the Pune district. It is perched at an elevation of around 1,070 meters above sea level amidst dense forests and lofty hill ranges.

How to Reach Bhimashankar Temple?

The location of the Bhimashankar Temple makes it easily accessible from major cities like Pune and Mumbai via well-connected roads. Here are the best routes to reach this holy shrine:

From Pune

Pune is the nearest major city to the temple, just 127 km away. You can take the Pune-Nashik highway via Chakan and Rajgurunagar up to Manchar village. From here, a state transport bus or private cabs can take you up to Bhorgiri village and the Bhimashankar Temple.

The entire road journey from Pune to Bhimashankar Temple takes around 3-4 hours one way.

From Mumbai

Though farther away, Mumbai is another convenient access point to the temple, located approximately 201 km away.

You can take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway till Lonavala, and continue onwards via Pune-Nashik highway up to the temple. Mumbai to Bhimashankar takes around 5-6 hours by road.

Key Neighboring Towns and Villages

The Bhimashankar Temple is surrounded by several small towns and villages nestled in the hills and valleys of the Western Ghats.

Manchar, located 48 km away, is the last major township on the route. Pilgrims generally halt here before proceeding to the temple which is a further 79 km uphill.

The tiny village of Bhorgiri is where the temple premises begin. This is the closest settlement, just a kilometer's walk from the main shrine.

Other neighboring villages like Shile Sativali and Waghoba are also located just 3-4 km from the temple. Local tribes reside in small hamlets in the surrounding forests.

Transportation Options to the Temple

Here are some convenient transportation modes to reach Bhimashankar Temple:

  • Buses - Frequent state transport (ST) buses operate from major cities like Pune and Mumbai to Manchar village. From here you can take local transport to cover the remaining distance.

  • Private Cabs - Hiring cabs and taxis are the most convenient option for traveling to Bhimashankar Temple. Though a bit costly, they offer the flexibility to stop en route.

  • Private Vehicles - You can drive your car or bike. But be prepared for bad road conditions near the temple.

  • On Foot - The best way to experience the journey is by walking the last 1 km stretch from Bhorgiri village to the temple on foot.

Unique Geographic Location and Surroundings

The unique location of Bhimashankar Temple in the Sahyadri Ranges blesses it with an incredibly picturesque natural backdrop. Dense vegetation, virgin forests, cascading waterfalls and rivers envelope the shrine.

The Bhimashankara Wildlife Sanctuary starts right where the temple ends. This facilitates opportunities for trekking, birdwatching and experiencing wilderness, all just steps away from the holy temple!


So if you wish to visit this revered Shiva Temple, plan your journey to Bhimashankar situated in Maharashtra's Pune district amidst the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges. Its remote hilltop location makes getting there an adventure, but the captivating natural beauty surrounding the shrine makes it worthwhile!


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