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How to Reach Kedarnath Temple from Pune

Kedarnath temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites tucked amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Planning a trip from Pune to Kedarnath temple involves figuring out the best route, travel options and places to halt along the way.

This comprehensive guide will help you plan your journey to this revered spiritual destination.

How to Reach Kedarnath Temple from Pune

An Introduction to Kedarnath Temple

At an elevation of 3,583 m, the awe-inspiring Kedarnath temple is located on the banks of Mandakini river with the majestic Kedarnath peak forming the backdrop. The towering temple built in stone is attributed to Adi Shankaracharya who is said to have established the main idol which consists of a pyramidal rock formation.

Due to heavy snowfall, the temple remains closed from November to April end. The ideal time for the Chardham Yatra which includes the Kedarnath temple is between April/May to October. The peak season sees huge crowds with up to 10,000 pilgrims a day.

How to Reach Kedarnath from Pune

Distance: Approximately 1,744 km Time: 28 hours (by road)

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 238 km from Kedarnath. Take a flight from Pune Airport to Dehradun Airport. From there, hire a taxi or take a bus to Gaurikund (the base of the trek).

By Train

The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, around 216 km from Kedarnath. Take a train from Pune Junction to Rishikesh. Then hire a taxi or bus to Gaurikund.

By Road

The road distance from Pune to Kedarnath temple is around 1,800 km, translating to a long road journey of 32 hours approximately. There are two main routes you can take:

Route 1: Pune > Surat > Udaipur > Agra > Lucknow > Bareilly > Khatima > Ukhimath > Kedarnath

This UP route covers 1,812 km accounting for good quality highways till Khatima, after which the hilly roads start.

Route 2: Pune > Indore > Bhopal > Jhansi > Chhatarpur > Panna > Satna > Rewa > Allahabad > Mirzapur > Varanasi > Ukhimath > Kedarnath

The MP route covers a slightly shorter distance of 1,744 km but road quality may be patchy at certain stretches.

Both routes ultimately take you via Ukhimath, just 21 km before Kedarnath. Buses, taxis and helicopter shuttles ply from Ukhimath to Kedarnath frequently.

Tips for a Kedarnath Trip from Pune

  • Halt at famous heritage places like Varanasi, Agra or Allahabad to break your journey

  • Carry enough drinking water and ready-to-eat food

  • Pack adequate warm clothing as temperatures can be freezing

  • Keep necessary medication and altitude sickness tablets

  • Start early morning to avoid traffic en route

Make sure your vehicle is serviced well in advance to endure this road expedition all the way up to Kedarnath. Have a safe spiritual journey!


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