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Prati Kedarnath: A Replica of the Kedarnath Temple in Nashik

Prati Kedarnath Nashik is a sacred pilgrimage site that offers a peaceful spiritual abode for Hindu devotees. Considered a replica of the revered Kedarnath Temple located in the Himalayas, this temple in Nashik provides a convenient alternative for worshippers to experience the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.

Prati Kedarnath Nashik is officially known as the Swaroopeshwar Baneshwar Mahadev Temple and is situated inside the sprawling campus of Shivshakti Jnanpith Ashram in Wadholi, Nashik. Built across 4 acres of land on the Anjaneri mountain range, the temple complex overlooks gorgeous mountain vistas that further add to its tranquil atmosphere.

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History and Significance of Prati Kedarnath Nashik

The concept and vision for establishing Prati Kedarnath Nashik is credited to Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Dwarka-Sharda Peeth. The temple was constructed under the aegis of Swami Avdheshanand Giri and Mataji Shraddhananda Saraswati in 2014.

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The location was specifically chosen owing to its resemblance to the mountainous terrain surrounding the original Kedarnath shrine. Being located in the same mountain range as the famous Trimbakeshwar Temple added to its sanctity.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Goverdhan Nath, another form of Lord Shiva. As such, it holds special significance during festivals like Mahashivratri when devotees flock here in large numbers.

Architectural Grandeur of the Temple

Built entirely in stone, Prati Kedarnath Nashik stands tall with its white facade and golden spire. Intricately carved sculptures, alcoves and the garbhagriha housing the Shivlinga only add to its visual appeal. The entrance is adorned by two large golden dwarpal statues resembling the Nandi bull.

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The main temple premises comprise sanctums dedicated to other deities like Goddess Durga as well as shrines for the Shankaracharya. An artificial water reservoir adds to the scenic natural beauty all around.

Though photography is prohibited inside, one can still capture some great frames against the scenic backdrop of the hills.

Immersing in Spirituality

Along with being a popular sightseeing spot, Prati Kedarnath Temple offers visitors multiple opportunities to immerse in spirituality.

  • The ashram frequently organizes discourses on religious scriptures, Vedanta camps and celebrates festivals like Mahashivaratri, Guru Purnima etc. with great fervor.

  • Homing the spatial blessings of Lord Shankaracharya, Prati Kedarnath Nashik provides the perfect site for meditation, self-reflection and experiencing inner peace.

  • The temple also becomes the venue for unique spiritual rituals like Rudrabhishek offered to please Lord Shiva.

  • For complete solace, one can take a stroll in the serene wilderness or relax by the gushing waterfall located nearby. Finding one's spiritual calling amidst such natural splendor is indeed a sublime experience.

So beyond being just a tourist attraction, the temple provides a space for genuine spiritual upliftment as well.

Travel Guide - Prati Kedarnath Nashik

Location - Prati Kedarnath Temple is located around 8 km from Trimbakeshwar and 28 km from Nashik. The nearest railhead is Nashik Road situated at a distance of 26 km while Nashik Airport is 32 km away.

Best Time to Visit - Winter months from October to February are ideal but visitors flock to the temple throughout the year. Avoid the monsoon season due to the risk of landslides.

Where to Stay - Multiple hotels, resorts and guest houses are available in nearby Nashik. One can also find accommodation at the ashram's guest house.

How to Reach

  • By Air - Fly into Nashik Airport and hire a cab/taxi to reach Prati Kedarnath Nashik in just 35 mins.

  • By Rail - Take a train to Nashik Road Station and travel further by road. Direct cabs and buses are easily available.

  • By Road - Visitors also drive down from cities like Mumbai and Pune which takes around 3-4 hours. Hire a taxi or take a state transport bus from Nashik.

You can also catch the city bus or MSRTC to Anjaneri from the new CBS (Central Bus Stand of Nashik). Buses are available every 15 minutes.

Other Attractions Near Prati Kedarnath Nashik

While in Trimbakeshwar, one can easily cover some other lovely attractions located just an hour away:

  • Take a tour of Nashik's famous vineyards and sample some excellent wines at Sula Vineyards

  • Marvel at the ancient cave temples of Pandavleni dating back 2000 years

  • Shop for crafted silver curios and classic Kolhapuri chappals at local bazaars

  • Hike to the origin point of River Godavari at Brahmagiri Hill for scenic views

  • Offer prayers at the iconic Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Visiting these along with Prati Kedarnath Nashik makes for the perfect Nashik holiday experience.

Prati Kedarnath Nashik

Plan Your Trip to Prati Kedarnath Nashik

A replica it might be, but Prati Kedarnath Nashik stands tall literally and figuratively as a stellar religious destination. Encompassing spiritual resonance along with visual splendor, it makes for a must-visit place for all travelers interested in Hinduism.

Being well-connected to major cities nearby further adds to its accessibility. So next time you plan a Nasik trip, don't miss out on seeking bliss at this unique temple blessed by the divine Himalayas.

I hope you found this comprehensive guide useful. Let me know if you need any additional details on planning your travels. Share your experiences if you have already visited this sacred site before.


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