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9 Hidden Gems in Mumbai You Shouldn't Miss

Mumbai is a bustling metropolis often known for its fast pace of life, crowds, and tourist hotspots like Gateway of India and Marine Drive. However, the Maximum City has a lot more to offer beyond its popular tourist attractions. It has lush green public parks, quaint libraries, ancient forts, and serene beaches waiting to be explored.

Here are 9 hidden gems in Mumbai that provide a peek into the city's rich history and culture. Visiting these unexplored places lets you experience Mumbai beyond its maddening crowds.

Why Should You Explore Mumbai's Hidden Gems?

Before diving into the list of hidden attractions in the city, you may wonder - why visit Mumbai's lesser-known spots instead of popular sites? Here are a few reasons:

  • Escape crowds and experience tranquility in green spaces amidst the bustling metropolis

  • Discover remnants of Mumbai's Maratha, Portuguese, and British history

  • Enjoy scenic views not found at typical city landmarks

  • See a unique side of Mumbai away from commercialization

So leave the touristy chaos behind for a day and set out to uncover these offbeat places for a more local and authentic experience of the city.

Here Are 9 Hidden Gems You Must Visit in Mumbai

1. Banganga Tank - An Ancient Water Tank with Mythological Significance

Built in 1127 AD, Banganga tank in Walkeshwar is one of the oldest man-made structures in Mumbai. This serene water body has great religious significance as it's linked to Lord Rama. Local legend says Lord Rama shot an arrow and created the freshwater spring while searching for his kidnapped wife Sita.

Banganga Tank

Surrounded by temples on all sides, the tank attracts devotees seeking its holy water. The architectural beauty and mythological legend make Banganga tank a must-visit hidden attraction.

2. Sewri Fort - Witness Flamingos Nesting at Mumbai's Largest Mudflat

Overlooking Mumbai's largest mudflat, Sewri Fort is a lesser-known 16th-century portuguese bastion situated along Mumbai's eastern shore. The fort itself isn't very well-maintained but the real attraction here is Mumbai's migratory flamingos that descend onto the mudflats during winter.

Hidden Gems in Mumbai

The spectacular sight of flocks of flamingos feeding and nesting in the marshy landscape makes Sewri jetty an ideal spot for nature lovers and bird watchers. Don’t miss sunset from Sewri Fort for magical views of Mumbai.

3. Gilbert Hill – The Unique Natural Monolith in Andheri

Gilbert Hill is an unusual volcanic rock formation towering 200 feet above the suburbs of Andheri. As the largest monolith in Mumbai formed millions of years ago, the rock structure cuts an impressive figure against Mumbai's skyline full of skyscrapers.

Gilbert Hill

Gilbert Hill is one of the top unexplored places in Mumbai for a quick one day getaway from the bustling city. The lush green garden surroundings dotted with food stalls attract locals and families for picnics. As a protected monument, a visit to view the unique black rock mountain amidst Mumbai suburbs is a must.

4. Maharashtra Nature Park – Escape to Lush Green Public Park

Nestled in the busy suburb of Dharavi, Maharashtra Nature Park is an urban oasis spread over 37 acres. As one of the most beautiful parks in Mumbai city, it attracts morning walkers and nature lovers seeking fresh air and serenity.

Maharashtra Nature Park

The nature park has well-maintained lush gardens, walking trails, and even a dazzling Japanese garden. It’s hard to fathom such expansive green space exists hidden in the congested slums of Dharavi! Don’t miss visiting this urban sanctuary on your Mumbai trip.

5. David Sassoon Library – Mumbai’s Oldest Library Since 1870

Situated in Kala Ghoda art precinct lies the beautifully preserved David Sassoon library. With its impressive collection of over a hundred thousand books, it's one of the best libraries in Mumbai and the grandest.

David Sassoon Library

From the Gateway of India-like entrance, plush interiors, spiral staircase to ornate chandeliers - everything about this library makes it an architectural gem. Bibliophiles shouldn’t miss experiencing this 145-year-old library’s old-world charm hidden in South Mumbai.

6. Colaba Causeway – Uncover Portuguese Influence Walking Down this Street

Behind the bustling Colaba Causeway filled with lively cafes, pubs and street shops lies a quaint bylane called Old Cadell Road. Preserved old Portuguese villas with Indo-Gothic facades line this lane giving you a glimpse into Portuguese-era architecture. The leafy street seems quaint and tranquil, in stark contrast to the busy Causeway meters away.

Strolling down Old Cadell road lets you discover the last remaining Portuguese houses in the city. The old-world charm hidden in the heart of Colaba makes it one of the top hidden gems in South Mumbai.

7. Chota Kashmir – Find a Miniature Kashmir in Goregaon!

True to its name, Chhota Kashmir meaning 'little Kashmir' is a charming picnic spot tucked away in Goregaon. This hidden oasis lives up to its moniker with streams, wooden bridges and delightful gardens reminiscent of the Valley.

Chota Kashmir

This lush green paradise provides the perfect escape from traffic-clogged streets to simply sit amidst nature. Spend a relaxed day exploring artificial waterfalls & streams or go boating in the lake with majestic views of the hills. Don’t miss visiting this hidden paradise, especially in monsoon!

8. Aarey Milk Colony – Largest Green Lung Close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

At Goregaon’s Aarey colony adjoining Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbaikars can bask in lush greenery spread over 16,000 acres. As one of the few remaining expanses of forest left in the city, Aarey is a breath of fresh air away from urbanization.

Aarey Milk Colony

Both nature lovers and adventure seekers have much to explore here - from exotic birds, butterflies, wildflowers, to trekking trails for hikers. Picnic with family amidst the scenic landscape or try exciting activities like ziplining and camping. Don’t miss exploring this offbeat lung space, one of Mumbai’s best-kept secrets.

9. Worli Seaface – Enjoy Breathtaking Views of Sea Link and Cityscape

Mumbai’s iconic 5.6 km Bandra Worli Sea Link bridge is visible from Worli Seaface promenade yet it remains surprisingly less crowded. Whether you visit at sunset, sunrise or after dark, the views of the cable-stay bridge glittering over the Arabian Sea is simply magnificent.

Worli Seaface

Late evenings offer mesmerizing vistas as you can see Queen’s Necklace, the sparkling Marine Drive coastline in a crescent moon shape. Worli Seaface promenade by the sea is one of the top hidden gems in Mumbai for sightseeing without chaotic crowds.

Hidden food gems in Mumbai?

Beyond the popular street food joints and fancy restaurants lies a treasure trove of hidden food gems waiting to be discovered in Mumbai. Foodies must head to Mohammed Ali Road to try authentic Lucknowi delicacies like kebabs and biryanis.

The old Iranian cafes in the Fort area dish out sweet, creamy faloodas and bun maskas perfect with cutting chai. For melt-in-the-mouth modaks, visit the tiny Shree Ganesh Prasad shop during the Ganpati festival.

And don’t miss the legacy restaurants in Mahim serving lip-smacking seafood overlooked by tourists. Exploring these under-the-radar eateries lets you relish Mumbai's culinary diversity hidden in narrow lanes.

Experience Mumbai Like a Local by Finding These Hidden Gems

Beyond the obvious Mumbai attractions, the city has some charming secrets waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveler. These hidden historical sites, green nature escapes, mesmerizing viewpoints showcase there’s more to experience in Mumbai than crowds and traffic.

Unpacking these unexplored facets of the city - set your own path off the beaten trail for a more authentic slice of Mumbai. By visiting these underrated spots, enjoy Mumbai’s local history, art, culture and natural beauty away from commercialization.

As you explore forests shrouded in birdsong, discover quaint libraries steeped in Victorian charm or behold glorious sunsets, Mumbai will unfold its most magical sides to you.

So ditch the tourist traps, set out on this curated trail of Mumbai’s offbeat attractions and see the city of dreams from a new lens!


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