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How to Book Vistadome Coach from Mumbai to Pune

The Vistadome coach is a relatively new luxury train coach introduced by the Indian Railways that offers a unique and memorable travel experience. With glass ceilings and wide window panels, these coaches provide passengers with spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

If you wish to travel in a Vistadome coach from Mumbai to Pune, this comprehensive guide will help you with the booking process.

How to Book Vistadome Coach from Mumbai to Pune

What are Vistadome Coaches?

The special Vistadome coaches feature:

  • Wide, glass-panelled windows and glass ceilings for panoramic views

  • Rotating seats that allow passengers to turn towards the scenery

  • Airline-style comfortable pushback seating with adequate leg space

  • Spacious luggage compartment

  • Fully air-conditioned

How to Book Vistadome Coach from Mumbai to Pune

So by traveling in these coaches, you can feast your eyes on the natural beauty surrounding the rail route without any obstruction. It's a fully immersive sightseeing experience - making your rail journey fun and memorable!

Check Trains with Vistadome Coaches

The Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express has exclusive Vistadome coach services. This train operates daily and is quite popular among regular office commuters and travellers.

The positions of the Vistadome coaches may vary, so check the train chart before boarding. Alternatively, trains like Mumbai-Madgaon Janshatabdi Express also feature these special coaches occasionally.

How to Book Vistadome Coach Tickets

Here is a step-by-step process to book Vistadome coach tickets from Mumbai to Pune:

Step 1: IRCTC Login

Visit the IRCTC website or app and login using your credentials. If you are new, sign up first.

Step 2: Enter Journey Details

On the book ticket page, enter Mumbai as source and Pune as destination. Select the convenient date of travel and class of travel as First AC or Executive AC.

Step 3: Choose Deccan Express

From the list, select the 12125 Deccan Express train that runs daily between Mumbai and Pune in both directions.

Step 4: Check PNR and Confirm Vistadome Coach

Once the ticket booking is done, note down the PNR number. You can enter the PNR on Seat Availability portal to confirm that your seats are in the Vistadome coach.

Step 5: Enjoy Memorable Journey

Your tickets for Deccan Express Vistadome coach are now successfully booked. Enjoy unhindered views of river, valleys and waterfalls along the Mumbai-Pune rail route from the comfort of your spacious seats.

So book your Vistadome tickets well in advance and be assured of an upgraded travel experience on the Mumbai-Pune train journey. Escaping the urban jungle was never this scenic and comfortable!


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