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How Many Beaches Are There in Goa

With its sun-kissed beaches, swaying palms, mouthwatering seafood and lively shacks, Goa has rightfully earned the title of India’s beloved beach destination. Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west, Goa boasts a spectacular 125 km long coastline dotted with some of the best beaches you’ll ever see.

A Brief History of Goa and its Beaches

Before 1961, Goa was under Portuguese rule for over 450 years before it merged with India. This has resulted in a beautiful blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures reflected vividly in the state. The laidback lifestyle, siestas and seafood-loving population that Goa is known for, also owes its origin to the Portuguese heritage.

Goa always had natural harbors and beaches that attracted traders in early times. Post 1961, tourism started booming drawing tourists far and wide to its spectacular beaches. From backpackers and hippies to families and party people, the beaches of Goa continue to appeal to all.

How Many Beaches Are There in Goa?

The tiny coastal state has around 54 beaches largely grouped into North Goa and South Goa.

North Goa is dotted with around 25 beaches that are preferred for their lively atmosphere, beach shacks and water sports. Agonda, Anjuna, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Vagator, etc. are some noted North Goa beaches.

Comparatively more serene and secluded, South Goa has around 29 beaches that are less crowded and perfect for relaxing holidays. Benaulim, Bogmalo, Cola, Majorda, Palolem, Varca etc. are the popular South Goa beaches.

Additionally, Goa also has some breathtaking hidden and virgin beaches that remain unexplored by tourists at large.

Notable Beaches in North Goa

Baga Beach – With lively nightlife and water adventures ranging from banana boat rides to parasailing, Baga tops the chart when it comes to the best beaches of North Goa.

How Many Beaches Are There in Goa

Calangute – Often tagged the “Queen of Beaches”, it is an expansive stretch of golden sand and invites hordes of domestic tourists and backpackers alike.

Candolim – Offering a vibrant beach scene with shacks serving delicious seafood, Candolim charms with its laidback ambiance and picturesque palms lining the coast.

Anjuna Beach – Famous for its trance parties and the Wednesday flea market, Anjuna appeals to party people as well as those looking for shopping and relaxation.

Vagator Beach – Its distinguishing red cliffs, white sands and black lava rocks make Vagator a fascinating site. The sunset viewed from the rocks is simply magical!

Top Beaches in South Goa

Agonda Beach – Lined by swaying palms and wooden huts, Agonda’s tranquility makes it the ideal hideaway for some “me time” on your Goa holiday.

Palolem Beach – The gorgeous crescent-shaped beach surrounded by coconut palms is postcard-perfect. Palolem also offers an amazing beach stay experience with plenty of shacks.

Cola Beach – Flanked by lush green hills and karst cliffs, Cola Beach’s scenic coastline and freshwater lagoon alone warrant a visit when in South Goa.

Benaulim Beach – With its beautiful sunsets and laidback coastal village life, Benaulim gives you a slice of the quintessential Goan experience. Great for relaxation!

Majorda Beach – Regarded as one of the most idyllic South Goa beaches, Majorda charms with its bakeries, beach shacks, resorts as well as water sports opportunities.


So if you love beaches, don’t think twice! Book your Goa tickets and set off on a spectacular beach holiday along its 25 beaches dotting North Goa or the 29 down South Goa. There’s simply no dearth of choice here!


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