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How to Reach the Serene Kashid Beach from Pune

Kashid beach is a picturesque destination on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. Known for its white sands, blue waters and green mountains, it offers a peaceful respite from the hustle of cities. If you are in Pune and planning a trip to soak in the sun and sand at Kashid beach, this guide will help you get there through the easiest routes.

how to reach kashid beach from pune

Why Visit Kashid Beach?

Located around 180 km from Pune, Kashid beach should be on your bucket list for these prime reasons:

  • Clean and secluded beach with white sandy stretches as far as your eyes can see

  • Crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and water sports

  • Stunning sunrises and sunsets you can enjoy from the shore

  • Green casuarina groves that add to the serene ambience

  • Fort ruins for history enthusiasts to explore

  • Opportunities for camping under a starlit sky

  • Delicious local seafood like bombil, surmai and others

  • No crowds, even on weekends due to remote location

Reaching this hidden gem is easy if you follow the directions given below.

By Road from Pune

A road trip is one of the most popular ways to get to Kashid beach from Pune. The distance can be covered in 3.5 to 6 hours depending on the route you take.

Via Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Distance: 180 km, Time: 3.5 hours

This is the shortest route from Pune to Kashid beach. Simply take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway via Khopoli exit and head towards the beach. The route is mostly smooth and traffic-free.

Via Tamhini Ghat Route

Distance: 200 km, Time: 5-6 hours

For a scenic drive through the Western Ghats, take the Tamhini Ghat road route. Drive through waterfalls, lakes and lush forests via Mulshi, Kolad and Mangaon to reach Kashid. It takes longer but offers beautiful vistas.

Driving Precautions

  • Avoid driving through Bhor Ghat in monsoons due to landslide risks

  • Start early to avoid traffic entering Mumbai

  • Carry enough fuel and cash

  • Keep spare tyre and toolkit for emergency repairs

By Train from Pune

The nearest railway station to Kashid beach is at Panvel, 64 km away. From Pune Junction, hop on a train to Panvel like:

  • Konkan Kanya Express

  • Mandovi Express

  • Pragati Super Fast Express

The train journey lasts 2 hours. From Panvel station, take a taxi or bus for 1.5 hours through picturesque countryside to arrive at your beach destination.

What To See and Do at Kashid Beach

Once you reach Kashid after the short road trip or train journey, here are top attractions and activities you must indulge in:

Water Sports

Enjoy rides on jet skis, banana boats, bumper boats or speed boats in the Arabian Sea. Professional trainers ensure safety with life jackets.

Fort Ruins

Explore ruins of old forts like Korlai Fort and Kashid Fort with intriguing histories.

Nature Trails

Go on nature trails through dense greenery or take a camel or horse ride along the shore.

Beach Camping

Pitch a tent and camp under millions of stars on clear nights. Barbeque dinner completes the experience.

Build Sandcastles

Get creative or competitive by building extravagant sandcastles and sculpture on Kashid’s fine, golden sand.

The ease of accessibility combined with beauty and tranquility make Kashid beach an ideal vacation spot from Pune. Follow these directions and plan your trip!


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