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What to See in Sindhudurg: A Must-See Destination

As an avid traveler who loves escaping to offbeat destinations, I recently visited the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra. More specifically, I explored the mesmerizing Sindhudurg district and wanted to share my experiences with those looking to plan a trip here.

With its pristine beaches, imposing forts, tropical weather, lip-smacking cuisine, and warm locals - Sindhudurg has something for every type of traveler.

Why Visit Sindhudurg?

Nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Sindhudurg is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Its shoreline is dotted with secluded, sandy beaches surrounded by swaying palm trees. The district enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 34°C throughout the year.

But there's more to Sindhudurg beyond just beaches. It has a rich history as the erstwhile capital of the Maratha Empire. You can explore magnificent sea forts, ancient temples, spice gardens, and even scuba diving to discover coral reefs.

And as a foodie, I was spoilt for choice with the delicious Malvani cuisine made from coconut, fish, and kokum. Clearly, Sindhudurg has something for every travel style.

Places to Visit in Sindhudurg

Here are some of the top attractions and places I visited in Sindhudurg and would highly recommend:

1. Tarkarli Beach

With its pristine white sands and crystalline waters, Tarkarli is the prettiest beach in Sindhudurg. I spent hours simply strolling along the shore as gentle waves lapped at my feet. For adventure junkies, Tarkarli offers watersports like scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat rides, etc. Don't miss the incredible sunset views here.

2. Malvan Beach & Town

The laidback beach town of Malvan oozes old-world charm with its colorful houses, narrow lanes, and quaint vibes. Laze at the clean, secluded Malvan beach or walk through the town sampling delicious Malvani cuisine. You must try malvani maachi maans (fish curry) and sol kadhi - a pink appetizer drink made from coconut milk.

3. Vijaydurg Fort

Constructed in the 1600s as a naval base, Vijaydurg Fort stands strong despite being lashed by the ocean for centuries. You need to trek for about an hour to reach the splendid fort positioned atop a hill surrounded by water on all sides. The views of the endless blue Arabian Sea from here are simply breathtaking.

What to See in Sindhudurg

4. Sindhudurg Fort

Built-in the late 17th century by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj himself, Sindhudurg Fort is an architectural marvel standing tall on an islet in the sea. A visit here is like stepping back in time as you explore ruins of watchtowers, homes, sacred temples, market squares, etc.

What to See in Sindhudurg

5. Sawantwadi Palace

With its vibrant tangerine walls & gleaming tin roof, the 19th-century Sawantwadi Palace looks straight out of a fairy tale. Venturing inside, I was dazzled by intricately carved furniture, marble sculptures, Belgian glass chandeliers, and artistic palace grounds. Don’t miss the interesting museum within displaying royal memorabilia.

What to See in Sindhudurg

Best Time to Visit Sindhudurg

Since it enjoys a hot & humid tropical climate all year round, any time is suitable for planning a Sindhudurg holiday.

However, I'd suggest:

  • October to February - For enjoying the beaches & watersports

  • June to September - If you wish to avoid crowds and benefit from budget stays

  • December to January - To experience local festivals like Shimga

No matter when you visit, Sindhudurg is sure to enchant you with its unspoiled beaches, brilliant forts steeped in history, tropical vibes, and a generous sprinkling of Malvani magic!

How to Reach Sindhudurg

Sindhudurg is easily accessible by:

  • Air: The nearest airport is at Dabolim, Goa located at 115km. You can take buses or taxis to Sindhudurg from here.

  • Rail: Kudal railway station serves as the gateway to Sindhudurg located at 43km. Frequent trains connect it to Mumbai and Goa.

  • Road: Excellent network of state highways and buses connect Sindhudurg to major cities like Mumbai & Pune. I took an overnight Volvo bus from Mumbai to reach Malvan town in just 10 hours.

No matter how you get here, the mesmerizing natural beauty and old-world charm of Sindhudurg will have you spellbound!

Staying in Sindhudurg

You can choose from stylish beach resorts, affordable lodges, and homestays in Sindhudurg for a comfortable stay. I prefer staying in Malvan town or villages like Vayangani as they allow plunging straight into local culture. Book in advance during festivals and peak season.

Some great accommodation options I recommend based on personal experience are:

  • Nandan Farms Stay (for families)

  • Atithi Parinay Homestay (budget pick)

  • Pravas Resort (sprawling property with private beach access)

  • Shanti Village (for experiential rural stay)

The Takeaway

Still untouched by mainstream tourism, Sindhudurg is a hidden gem offering tranquil beaches, magnificent forts, and a slice of tropical paradise. Its slow pace of life, lush nature, small villages, and delicious cuisine left me completely refreshed and longing for more.

I highly recommend visiting Sindhudurg district for an offbeat trip where you can soak in history, and culture along with hitting the beach. Trust me, the spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the Arabian Sea alone make it worth the effort to visit this coastal Maharashtrian paradise!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about planning an amazing trip to Sindhudurg.


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