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How to Reach Tarkali - My Journey

I still remember the excitement I felt when I first decided to visit Tarkarli. Pictures of pristine beaches and sparking blue waters captivated my heart. As an avid beach lover, I knew I had to make the trip from my small town in Maharashtra to this secreted-away coastal gem.

However, I really had no idea how I would get there. This is the story of how I managed to reach Tarkarli for my dream beach vacation.

How to Reach Tarkali

Choosing Tarkarli as a Beach Destination

As I researched different beach destinations in Maharashtra, Tarkarli kept popping up with glowing reviews. Located in the Sindhudurg district, this tiny village had comparatively fewer tourists but some of the most breathtaking beaches in the state.

The white sands, clear waters, water sports, and famous backwaters made it an ideal place for a peaceful beach getaway. I was sold - Tarkarli it was!

Planning Transportation to Tarkarli

However, I soon realized reaching Tarkarli was easier said than done. Being situated in a remote corner of Maharashtra, it did not have direct connectivity to most places. I evaluated various routes and transportation modes:

  • Flight: The nearest airport at Belgaum (Karnataka) was too far at over 150 km. Flight tickets were expensive too.

  • Train: There were no direct trains. Reaching by rail would mean stopping at Kudal station and taking a road route for the last 50 km.

  • Bus: There was a Maharashtra state transport bus that covered the 400 km route from my town. But it had no sleeper options for the 14-hour journey.

  • Self-Drive: Driving all the way would be exhausting and I didn't want to focus on the road.

I finally zeroed in on the bus option as the most feasible one. Now I needed to prepare for this epic journey.

Packing Strategically for the Long Bus Ride

I knew such a long bus ride would need careful packing and preparations:

  • Kept luggage minimal with just the necessities

  • Carried a blanket and neck pillow for comfort

  • Packed light snacks to avoid hunger pangs

  • Had a book, music, and a fully charged phone for entertainment

  • Carried some motion sickness medication just in case

I also made sure to pack appropriate clothes, towels, toiletries, etc. for my beach vacation once I reached Tarkarli. Packing light and smart was key for this trip.

Reaching Tarkarli After the Bus Odyssey

The overnight bus journey was indeed tiring. Changing buses midway meant more delays. 14 hours later, I finally reached Kudal station at the crack of dawn, exhausted but thrilled for having covered most of the distance.

I still had to cover the last 50 km from Kudal to Tarkarli. Shared autorickshaws are the most popular transport along this route. Luckily at the station, I met a solo female traveller who was also headed to Tarkarli. We took an auto together and split the fare.

The scenic coastline and glimpses of the Karli backwaters energized me for the last leg. By early morning, I had finally reached Tarkarli! The auto ride ended right at the homestay I had booked.

Making the Most of the Beach Vacation

Over the next amazing 5 days at Tarkarli, I completely fell in love with this untouched beach paradise. I tried exciting water activities like Scuba Diving, also went on boat rides in the backwaters, enjoyed delicious local seafood, walked on the empty white-sand beaches, marveled at the spectacular sunsets, and made great friends.

Reaching Tarkarli took significant preparation and persistence. But once I was there, it exceeded my expectations, making every bit of effort worthwhile.

Tips for Reaching Tarkarli Hassle-Free

Based on my first-hand experience, here are my top tips for others planning a trip:

  • Plan transportation early - Explore bus, train, and shared cabs based on budget

  • Travel light - Carry minimal luggage with just essentials

  • Break journey if needed - Consider halting midway to rest

  • Book a homestay - For good food and local experience

  • Disconnect from work - Avoid calls to focus on the vacation

  • Have an open mind - Don't compare; appreciate the remoteness

And That's it

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan that Tarkarli trip now for a rejuvenating beach getaway.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help. Happy journey.


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