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What to See in Chiplun -Hidden Gems

As an avid traveler who loves discovering offbeat destinations in India, I recently visited the small town of Chiplun in Maharashtra. Situated on the banks of the Vashishti River, Chiplun has a relaxed vibe and serves as a convenient base to explore nature, history, and cuisine in the Konkan region.

During my 4 days in Chiplun, I uncovered some hidden gems that every first-time visitor should check out.

What to See in Chiplun

Parshuram temple

Perched on a hill overlooking Chiplun is the ancient Parshuram temple dedicated to Lord Parshuram. Believed to be over 1,500 years old, this serene shrine has intricately carved idols in black stone.

As I hiked up the 350 steps leading to the temple, the sunrise views of the Vashishti River and the Western Ghats left me spellbound. The temple borders the scenic BMC garden, perfect for quiet afternoon strolls.

Don't miss the annual fair held here each February - it draws huge crowds from all over Maharashtra.

What to See in Chiplun

Sawatsada waterfalls

Just 8 kilometers from Chiplun off the Mumbai-Goa highway lie the gorgeous Sawatsada waterfalls. Set amidst forests in the Western Ghats, these wispy cascades drop from a height of about 50 feet into a crystal clear plunge pool - the perfect spot for a rejuvenating swim on a hot day.

Local Boy Scouts can guide you down the short jungle trek from the highway to these falls. I spent a memorable evening watching the sunset glow golden on these falls, making it well worth the effort to get here.

What to See in Chiplun

Shri Laxmi Vineyards

Did you know Chiplun has its own fledgling wine industry? The lush countryside around Chiplun harbors Shri Laxmi vineyards, spread across acres of verdant hills near the Vashishti river basin.

A tour of the vineyard was a revelation for me - we walked the rows of Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc grapes, learned about the entire wine-making process, and sampled some surprisingly good vintages over a gourmet picnic lunch.

If you call in advance, the friendly owner Mr. Jagtap will happily show you around what is currently the Konkan's only operational vineyard.

Khed Market

No trip to Chiplun is complete without a stroll through the bustling Khed market near the railway station. Open from 8 am to 8 pm daily, this is the place where locals shop for fresh produce, spices, fish, and staples like chipli (a popular tea-time snack).

The best time to visit is in the morning between 9 to 11 am when the market is buzzing with hawkers and shopkeepers. Be sure to try the addictive kokum sherbet or soothing soursop juice from the fruit stalls here.

Parashuram Bhumi

According to locals, Parshuram Bhumi is where Lord Parashurama shot an arrow that caused the Arabian Sea to recede up till here, thus creating the Konkan coastline. This stunning seaside temple complex dedicated to the 6th avatar of Vishnu deserves a spot on every Chiplun visitor's itinerary for its mythological significance.

As I walked around the vast black stone idols and imagery depicting the legend, the sea views were spectacular, especially at sunset.

Food trail

Being situated in the bountiful Konkan region, Chiplun's local cuisine features coconut, fish, and uniquely flavored fruits in every meal. On my culinary trail here, I savored classics like dosas with coconut chutney, fish fry served Konkan style with spicy red masala, jackfruit ice cream, and the lip-smacking Sunday special mutton biryani.

Chiplun's little Iranian bakery called Irani Chikki makes the tastiest mawa cakes while tiny shops like Trupti Fruit Cream whip up those rare and underrated gems, the jackfruit burfi and tender coconut kheer. For the inherent foodie in me, these were some of the trip's most memorable experiences!

As you can see, this sleepy town and its surroundings merit more than a quick pitstop en route to Goa. With offbeat experiences spanning nature, history, food, and drink, Chiplun offers something for every kind of traveler.

Though nascent on the tourism scene currently, I foresee the potential for experiential stays and curated trails to develop around Chiplun's unique landscape.

With better connectivity, sustainable tourism practices, and local youth engagement, this hidden gem of the Konkan belt could attract more mindful visitors in the coming years.


So next time you take the Mumbai-Goa highway, do yourself a favor by stopping at Chiplun for a few days. Hike up to ancient hilltop temples, swim under waterfalls, explore vineyards, graze at local markets, and indulge in the divine Konkan cuisine.

You will return with beautiful memories and a delightful discovered destination to add to your travel diary.


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