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Reaching Imagica Water Park from Pune

Nestled amidst the misty hills of Lonavala, Imagica Theme Park offers a fantasy escape into adrenaline-pumping rides, vibrant entertainment, and aquatic adventure. But before you dive into Imagica's imaginative attractions from Pune, you need to navigate there first.

Fret not! We break down the quickest routes and transportation choices to plan your family's aquatic holiday from Pune or Lonavala.

The Convenient Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway presents the fastest way to reach Imagica Water Park from Pune or Lonavala. Simply take the smooth 6-8 lane expressway and exit left at the Khalapur toll plaza.

Reaching Imagica Water Park from Pune

Clear signboards then guide you the remaining 3 kilometers towards Imagica along the Khopoli Pali road. Expect a relaxed one-hour drive from Pune and just 20-25 minutes from Lonavala Resorts to Imagica Park.

Public Buses from Pune's Key Transit Hubs

Not keen to drive yourself? You can take one of the many state-run buses from Pune's key transit hubs like Shivajinagar, Swargate, Hadapsar or even Sinhgad Road. Buses usually take 2-3 hours to reach Imagica with good frequency.

The most convenient option is the Asangaon bus from Swargate ST stand, which takes just 1.5 hours. It drops you right at Pali Phata near the Khalapur toll plaza, from where you can take an auto for Imagica.

Otherwise, alight at Khopoli bus station for rides to Imagica just 4 kilometers away. Book return tickets in advance for a relaxed public bus experience.

Local Trains Through Karjat Station

You can also take local trains on the Mumbai line up to Karjat Junction, connected to both CST and Pune. Fast trains complete the 87-kilometer journey in under 2 hours.

From Karjat, shared autos easily cover the last 36 kilometers towards Khopoli and Imagica Park. Soak in beautiful mountainside views on this picturesque route.

Shared Rides from Lonavala Hotspots

Another economic option if you're staying at Lonavala itself is to simply hire a shared taxi from spots like Lonavala station.

Share Mumbai-Pune rickshaw services quickly cover the 15 kilometers from Lonavala to Imagica Water Park at just ₹50-60 per person. Make new friends while enjoying the hills and adventure!

Set Off on a Thrilling Aquatic Holiday

So from zipping down the expressway or taking buses/trains to sharing rides from Lonavala, you have plenty of ways to reach Imagica Water Park from Pune.

Simply pick what suits your budget, company and convenience to plan a memorable day of aquatic adventure. After all, getting to Imagica is all part of the holiday experience!


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