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How to Reach the Serene Malvan Beach in Maharashtra

As an avid beach lover living in Mumbai, I make it a point to explore lesser-known coastal paradises across Maharashtra whenever I can. One such place I visited recently is the breathtaking Malvan Beach located in the Sindhudurg district. Getting to this remote destination on the Konkan coast was an adventure in itself!

Nestled far away from bustling cities, the journey became the road less traveled. From stunning evergreen views along the Mumbai-Goa highway to quaint villages dotting the countryside, I soaked in all the natural beauty and rural essence of Maharashtra. After an eight-hour drive, I finally arrived at the pristine silver sands of Malvan glowing golden in the evening sun.

Here's a comprehensive guide based on my first-hand experience to help you navigate to Malvan Beach in the most enjoyable way possible.

How to Reach the Serene Malvan Beach

Reaching Malvan by Train, Bus or Car

The nearest major railhead to Malvan is Kudal which is around 38 km away while the closest airports are Dabolim Airport in Goa (about 135 km away) and Kolhapur Airport (roughly 140 km away).

By Train: Take a train to Kudal from Mumbai/Pune/Kolhapur and then board a state transport bus or hire a private cab for the onward journey to Malvan. It takes about an hour by road.

By Bus: There are direct State Transport (ST) buses available to Malvan from major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri etc. It is an overnight journey so make sure to book comfortable sleeper coaches in advance.

By Car: If you enjoy road trips like I do, opt to drive your own car. It offers flexibility to stop along the way and truly relish the Western Ghats. The Mumbai-Malvan route is a visual treat! Ensure your vehicle is serviced well before the trip as it covers some isolated stretches.

What To See Along the Way

  • Chiplun: First major town after Mumbai with old temples and majestic hill backdrop

  • Khed: Home to beautiful Anjarle Beach and historic Hirakani Buruj fort atop a cliff

  • Rajapur: White Jungle Beach is a hidden gem with mangroves and whale sightings

  • Vengurla: Quaint coastal town with ruins of Shivaji era Portuguese fort and local cashew factories

  • Tarkarli Beach: Known for scuba diving spots and a great stopover before Malvan

  • Deobag Beach: Secluded with palms lining the golden sands perfect to relax before the last leg

Where to Stay in Malvan

Malvan has budget homestays to luxury resorts like Dil Chahta Hai offering seaside accommodation. Being a small township, most lodging is concentrated within a 2-3 km radius of the main Tsunami Island beach.

I stayed at a simple yet comfortable MTDC Holiday Resort stone’s throw from the beach which came highly recommended. The room tariffs are affordable and the location provides convenient access to key attractions nearby.

Homestays managed by locals are also popular for their competitive rates and delectable, authentic Malwani cuisine. If you wish to splurge for an indulgent experience instead, check into luxury stays farther from the beach which feature infinity pools overlooking the sea and other top-notch amenities.

Key Attractions in Malvan

  • Tsunami Island Beach: Spectacularly scenic stretch fringed with casuarina groves perfect for long walks

  • Rock Garden on Beach: Unique rock formations create natural pools along the sandy seafront

  • Sindhudurg Fort: Imposing structure built in 1664 CE perched on an islet accessible by boat

  • Scuba Diving: Dive sites with coral reefs and marine life off the Malvan/Tarkarli coast

  • Backwater Cruise: Spot dolphins as you sail through lush mangroves and tranquil creeks

Local Cuisine To Savour

Being located in southern Konkan, Malvan serves up delicious Malwani food, a unique coastal variant. Indulge in flavourful seafood curries like fish tikka, prawn ghassi, and fried bombil. The coastal berry Sol Kadhi is a mouthwatering digestive drink brightened with kokum and coconut milk.

Giving company to the lip-smacking non-vegetarian fare are farm-fresh delights like kaju chi aamti made of kokum-flavored raw mango and cashew paste. Round off your meals with ukadiche modak, a sweet coconut meat dumpling specialty carrying the GI tag.

After an invigorating escapade discovering virgin beaches, mighty forts, tantalizing cuisine and heartwarming hospitality, I returned with my soul rejuvenated. Though tucked far away, the idyllic sands of Malvan Beach beckon the intrepid wanderer in you seeking offbeat vistas. Stay open to the hidden gems you may chance upon along the way there or back.


So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable sojourn to the Konkan coast’s tranquil tropical paradise. Just follow these travel tips for smooth, stress-free journeying. Feel free to reach out in the comments below if you need any other details to plan your Malvan holiday.


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