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How I Traveled from Mumbai to Malvan - A Scenic Coastal Journey

As a resident of Mumbai, I'm always looking for new weekend getaway destinations that allow me to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Recently I discovered Malvan - a picturesque coastal town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra known for its pristine beaches, historic forts, and delicious Malvani cuisine.

Getting there does take some planning, but the journey is incredibly rewarding. Based on my personal experience, here is everything you need to know to travel from Mumbai to Malvan.

How to reach Malvan from Mumbai

Deciding on Transport and Route Options

The first decision is choosing how you want to make the 375-kilometer journey from Mumbai. The most common options are:

  • Train - Catch an overnight train like the Kudal Express from Mumbai's LTT station. The 10-hour journey in second-class AC costs around ₹500.

  • Bus - Many state transport and private buses drive overnight from Mumbai to Malvan. These take 11+ hours but are cheaper at around ₹700-800.

  • Self-Drive - Hire a car and drive yourself on the Mumbai-Goa highway by stopping along the coast. This allows flexibility but takes 11-12 hours.

I prefer trains since I can sleep during the journey and wake up in Malvan ready to explore. Buses are cheaper but less comfortable for overnight trips. Self-drives are great if you want to set your own pace.

Making the Coastal Train Journey

Since I opted for the train journey, let me walk you through it from my experience.

The trip starts by catching an evening train like the Kudal Express around 7 PM from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) in Mumbai. Second-class AC tickets cost about ₹500 per person if booked slightly in advance on IRCTC.

The journey is long but comfortable - I carry some snacks and download movies on my phone in advance. Around 5-6 AM the next morning, the train pulls into Kudal Railway Station which is the closest rail point to Malvan at about 50 km away.

Getting from Kudal to Malvan

There are two main options to cover the last 50 km from Kudal Station to Malvan:

  • Bus - Frequent buses operated by MSRTC as well as private players drive between Kudal and Malvan every day. The journey takes 1.5-2 hours and costs ₹100-150 based on the type of bus.

  • Taxi - You can hire an entire taxi which will take you directly to your hotel in Malvan. This costs more at around ₹1800-2000 but is faster and more convenient with luggage.

I prefer to take the bus since it allows me to see more of the coastal villages and landscapes along the way. But taxis are a good choice if you have limited time.

Exploring the Stunning Beaches and Forts

That last bus or taxi ride is magical - the roads wind alongside the azure Arabian Sea with fantastic views all along. And Malvan itself exceeds my expectations with its pristine beaches like Tondivli, clean air, friendly locals, mouthwatering food, and famous 17th-century Sindhudurg Fort built by Shivaji Maharaj himself on an island just off the coast!

I spend my days swimming in the clear waters, enjoying adventure sports, hiking around the many forts, wandering through temples, and discovering hidden local eateries. After amazing beach sunsets, the street food at Malvan town is an experience in itself.

The journey back follows roughly the same route - taxi to Kudal, train to Mumbai - and reaches early next morning completing an unforgettable coastal weekend.

Key Takeaways from My Trip

Though reaching Malvan from Mumbai does require 10-12 hours of travel depending on the mode chosen, it is worth it for the magical beaches, historical forts, friendly locals and Food that awaits. Plan in advance, carry some entertainment for the journey, and opt for trains or buses based on convenience and budget. And enjoy one of Maharashtra's hidden coastal gems!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about traveling from Mumbai to Malvan! I'm happy to offer more tips from my experience to help plan your own perfect beach getaway.


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