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How I Made My Way from Pune to Malvan - A Traveler's Guide

As an avid traveler based in Pune, I'm always looking for new offbeat destinations to explore across Maharashtra. Recently, I set my sights on Malvan - the quaint coastal town known for its pristine beaches, historic sites, and mouthwatering seafood.

Though not as popular on typical tourist circuits as Goa or Mahabaleshwar, Malvan has a charm of its own. Getting there is half the fun if you enjoy road trips like I do. From stunning ghats to sleepy villages along the way, Konkan's verdant landscape kept me entertained throughout my journey from Pune.

After some research and advice from friends, I decided driving my own car would allow maximum flexibility to stop and experience local culture along the way. The route I planned passes through Kolhapur and Chiplun to enter Konkan, then continues west hugging the coastline via Kankavali, Kudal and Sawantwadi before culminating at Malvan town.

howto reach malvan from pune

Embarking on My Coastal Sojourn

I began my road trip to Malvan early morning to avoid city traffic heading out of Pune. The stretch up to Kolhapur via NH48 is a breeze - a well-maintained 4-lane highway passing through charming towns like Satara and Karad along the way.

Just before Kolhapur, NH48 forks towards the Konkan coast. This is where the scenic journey began in earnest. Lush green vistas and undulating ghats of the Western Ghats had me spellbound. The winding two-lane road was mostly well-paved, though heavy vehicles slowed my pace at times.

I took in tiny villages embedded within verdant forests and valleys, stopping to interact with smiling locals whenever I needed directions.

Off the Beaten Trail in Konkan

Once I entered Konkan after Chiplun, the roads got narrower but the landscapes were more breathtaking. Though my trusty GPS kept me on track, there were fewer milestones or signboards in this remote region.

I relied on locals to confirm I was still headed towards Malvan whenever I entered small towns and adjust my route if needed. Finding petrol pumps and washrooms was a challenge but interacting with the generous, helpful Konkan people more than made up for it!

The last leg from Kankavli to Malvan via Kudal and Sawantwadi was a cinch. Though narrow, the roads hugged the rocky coastline offering splendid vistas of the Arabian Sea and quaint fishing villages dotting the shore. I reached Malvan just in time to catch a mesmerizing sunset at the town's iconic sea-facing Tsunami Island beach.

Key Takeaways from My Road Trip

Though Konkan's winding roads and remoteness pose driving challenges for first-timers, striking landscapes and heartwarming cultural experiences make it well worth the effort. I highly recommend self-driving instead of buses or trains to explore hidden gems along the route. My 850 km journey from Pune to Malvan took 14 hours with plenty of stops, but the memories will last forever.

I've listed some key tips based on my experience to help fellow travelers embark on this coastal road trip:

  • Ensure your car is serviced beforehand and stock up on fuel/water/snacks

  • Use GPS but confirm directions with locals when in doubt

  • Drive during daytime only and avoid post-sunset driving

  • Plan for an overnight stop midway if the total drive time exceeds 10 hours

  • Carry some cash for tolls or shopping at remote places

  • Travel in groups if possible for safety and better assistance if the car breaks down


So take the road less traveled and set forth on your own Konkan driving adventure! The effort opens up an incredible slice of coastal culture that rail or bus travelers often miss out on. Just gear up for an epic journey - where the destination pales compared to the glorious sights and experiences along the way.


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