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How to Reach Bhandardara from Mumbai

Mumbai is always bustling with energy and activity. As much as I love the fast-paced lifestyle this maximum city offers, sometimes a person just needs a break. I realized I desperately needed a quiet getaway to recharge my batteries. That's when I decided to visit Bhandardara - the quaint hill station nestled in the Sahyadri ranges about 150 km from Mumbai.

With its lush forests, cascading waterfalls, towering mountains, and serene Arthur Lake, Bhandardara promised the dose of nature I was craving. However, I was slightly anxious about finding my way there alone from Mumbai.

But the wanderlust in me took over, and I convinced myself to figure out that navigation challenge when the time came.

How to Reach Bhandardara from Mumbai

Planning My Route from Mumbai to Bhandardara

My first task was choosing the best route to reach Bhandardara from Mumbai. After some research, I found taking the Mumbai-Nashik highway (NH 160) via Igatpuri to be the most convenient and scenic option. It is about a 150-170 km drive depending on your starting point in Mumbai.

I decided to take a state transport bus instead of driving myself. Since I don't own a car, hiring one for the weekend seemed expensive. Buses are more pocket-friendly and I could enjoy the views along the way rather than focus on driving.

Executing My Travel Plan Hassle-Free

I started my journey bright and early on a Saturday morning from the Mumbai Central bus stand. The bus left at 7 AM - perfect timing to avoid Mumbai traffic and reach Igatpuri by noon. I caught a window seat to soak in the views along the route.

The bus took the Eastern Express Highway and Thane-Belapur Road to reach the Mumbai-Nashik highway. We crossed cities like Thane, Kalyan, Shahapur, and some small villages before entering the lush green Igatpuri region. Lush green rice fields, waterfalls, and streams greeted me at every turn.

Just before entering Igatpuri, the bus stopped for 30 minutes to allow passengers to freshen up and have breakfast. I grabbed a quick bite at the dhaba and got right back to admire the scenic Western Ghats views.

Reaching My Hill Station Destination

We reached the Igatpuri bus stand around noon - the journey took just about 5 hours. This is an important transit town to reach Bhandardara - you have to switch buses here.

Local buses, autos, and taxis are easily available at the Igatpuri bus stand. I opted for a shared taxi which took 20-30 minutes through the winding Ghat roads to reach the outskirts of Bhandardara village.

The driver dropped me off at a point where I could either take a local transport to the village center or walk the remaining 2 km distance. I decided to walk and take in the charm of my destination at leisure. The sight of vibrant green paddy fields with mountains in the backdrop welcoming me assured me I had made the right choice!

Enjoying A Well-Deserved Break

The next couple of days I explored Bhandardara at my own pace. The hill station dished out pleasant surprises at every turn - gushing waterfalls to sit by, towering forts that transported me back in time, and the magical Arthur Lake where I spent hours simply gazing at reflections of Sahyadri peaks dancing in the clear waters.

By the time I headed back, I was rejuvenated and relaxed. The verdant vistas of Bhandardara will continue to call me for mini getaways from the Mumbai madness.


So if you are looking to trade the bustling Mumbai streets for the serenity of nature, look no further than Bhandardara. Just arm yourself with the route details I have shared above and you can easily navigate your way like I did. The views along the journey are every bit worth it, making sure you reach your destination happy.


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