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How to Reach Pandharpur from Mumbai

Pandharpur is an important pilgrimage town located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. It is one of the most visited religious places in Maharashtra and is famous for the Vitthal temple, which attracts close to a million pilgrims during the Ashadi Ekadashi Waari festival. If you are planning to visit Pandharpur from Mumbai, here is a guide on how to get there conveniently.

By Train

Taking a train is the most popular way to reach Pandharpur from Mumbai.

There are plenty of passengers as well as express trains that run between Mumbai and Pandharpur routes daily. Some of the trains that you can take are:

  • Pune/Solapur Passenger

  • Mumbai CSMT Kolhapur Koyna Express

  • Mumbai Latur Express

  • Sahyadri Express

The fastest trains take around 10-11 hours to cover the 400 km distance between Mumbai and Pandharpur with stops at Pune, Daund, and Ahmednagar stations on the way. Most trains arrive early morning in Pandharpur which is ideal to directly head towards the Vitthal temple for Darshan.

By Bus

There are regular MSRTC buses that ply between Mumbai and Pandharpur. Both government and private buses offer overnight as well as day services along the route.

Some of the buses that you can take are:

  • MSRTC A/c sleeper coaches

  • MSRTC Non a/c sleeper coaches

  • Private Volvo buses

Buses usually take around 12-14 hours to reach Pandharpur from Mumbai covering a distance of over 400 km. Most buses depart in the evening from Mumbai and arrive early next morning at Pandharpur Bus Stand which is just 1 km away from the temple.

By Road / Self Drive

If you have your own car or a rented vehicle, you can self-drive from Mumbai to Pandharpur which takes 10-11 hours. The route passes through Pune, and Ahmadnagar via NH48 and NH52 highways which are well-maintained 4-lane roads. You can take halts in between and avoid overnight journeys by breaking it into a day's drive.

The total distance is around 400 km and the road conditions are overall good except for some patches after Solapur. Use GPS navigation to guide you throughout the journey and have multiple drivers if possible. Carry spare fuel and cash for tolls en route.

Where to Stay

Pandharpur has accommodation options for all budgets when it comes to staying.

  • Premium hotels like Vitthal Inn offer high-quality rooms and amenities for those looking for comfort.

  • Budget hotels and lodges like Sant Tukaram Lodge provide basic clean rooms at affordable costs.

  • Dharamshalas are available for free night stays offered by various communities.

It's better to make an advance hotel booking if you are traveling during the peak Ashadi festival season as options get limited. Stay close to the main temple for convenience.

Tips for Travelling

Here are some useful tips to remember when traveling from Mumbai to Pandharpur:

  • Book return tickets in advance to get confirmed seats easily

  • Carry ID proof if you have a senior citizen train concession

  • Pack light blankets and food if taking budget transport

  • Start early morning if self-driving to avoid fatigue

  • Have the temple address handy to give directions

Visiting Pandharpur during Ashadi Ekadasi is a beautiful experience. Follow the guide above to reach conveniently from Mumbai and have a safe spiritual journey!


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