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Where is Pandharpur?

Pandharpur is a well-known pilgrimage town located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, India. It is situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River, also known as the Bhima River. Pandharpur is most famous for the Vitthal Temple, which attracts close to a million pilgrims during the annual Ashadhi Ekadashi Wari Yatra.

Where is Pandharpur?

Geographical Location

Geographically, Pandharpur is located at 17.68°N 75.33°E. It has an average elevation of 1,646 feet (501 meters) above sea level. Some key details about the location of Pandharpur:

  • Located in the Solapur district in south Maharashtra

  • Situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River

  • Lies about 72 km southeast of Solapur city

  • Approx 350 km from Mumbai and 200 km from Pune

How to Reach Pandharpur?

Pandharpur is well connected by road and rail routes. Here are some popular ways to reach this holy town:

By Train

Pandharpur railway station is a prominent station on the Solapur-Daund rail route. Many passenger and express trains stop at this station, connecting Pandharpur to major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. The nearest major railway junction is Solapur, located about 70 km northwest.

By Road

Pandharpur is located close to National Highway 52 (NH 52). The temple town is well connected with Solapur, Pune, Hyderabad and other cities via public and private buses. One can also hire cabs from nearby cities. State-run buses ply regularly from locations across Maharashtra.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Solapur, which is 72 km away. It operates flights to and from Mumbai and Hyderabad. Pune Airport is another nearby option, located 205 km away. Visitors can take trains, buses or cabs from these airports to reach Pandharpur.

Accommodation in Pandharpur

Despite being a prominent pilgrimage center, Pandharpur has limited accommodation options. The town sees a massive influx of devotees during the Ashadi Ekadashi Wari event. Here are some places to stay in Pandharpur:

  • Maharashtra state-run Pandharpur Wari Vitthal Dharmshala offers basic accommodation. Advance booking is a must.

  • Some basic hotels, lodges and guest houses are available near the main temple.

  • Temporary camps and dormitories were set up during the Wari to accommodate more pilgrims.

Top Attractions in Pandharpur

Pandharpur is an important Vaishnavite pilgrimage center. The main attraction is the ancient Vitthal Temple dedicated to Lord Vitthal, a manifestation of Lord Krishna.

Some must-visit places in Pandharpur are:

  • Vitthal Temple - grand stone temple attracting millions of devotees annually

  • Bhima River Ghats - for holy dips and performing rituals

  • Saints' Samadhis -tombs of revered saints like Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Muktabai etc.

  • Pandurang Ashram - headquarters of famous Pandharpur Wari

  • Pundalik Temple - associated with the legend of Lord Vitthal

  • Gopalpur - birthplace of Sant Gopalbhatt who started Pandharpur Wari


So in summary, Pandharpur is located in Maharashtra's Solapur district on the banks of Bhima River. Its fame is tied to the sacred Vitthal Temple and the annual Pandharpur Wari. Road, rail and air connectivity make this major pilgrimage centre easily accessible from all parts of the country.


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