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How to Reach Harihareshwar from Pune

As a Pune resident who loves getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city, I recently took a wonderful seaside trip to Harihareshwar. Nestled along the Konkan coast just south of Mumbai, Harihareshwar is a hidden gem with a peaceful temple, striking beaches, and amazing seafood. Getting there from Pune requires a bit of advance planning though.

Based on my experience, here is my guide to reaching Harihareshwar if you're starting your journey from Pune. I'll go over the route options, places to stop along the way, tips for travel and accommodation booking, things to pack, and what to expect when you arrive.

I hope this information from my recent trip makes it easy for you to plan your own Harihareshwar getaway.

Evaluating the Route Options from Pune

The drive from Pune to Harihareshwar takes around 10-12 hours depending on your stops. You have a couple of options for getting there:

  • NH48 coastal route: Take NH48 south along the coast via towns like Pen, Mangaon, and Goregaon. More scenic but much slower with single-lane traffic in parts.

  • Expressway route: Take the Pune-Mumbai expressway to Mumbai, then NH66 along the coast. Faster despite Mumbai traffic but not as scenic initially.

I prefer the expressway route for the quicker drive despite less coastal views early on. Leaving very early, I reach Harihareshwar in under 11 hours even with stops. Just be wary of Mumbai traffic delays.

Planning Your Stopovers Along the Way

Driving for over 10 hours can be tiring, so planning a few stopovers helps break up the journey:

  • Pune to Mumbai - Top up fuel when paying the road toll at Khalapur. Stop for breakfast at Lonavala or Karjat, which have nice local food joints.

  • Mumbai to Harihareshwar - If you time Mumbai well, continue onwards. Or stop for lunch at Chiploon village near Murud, which has tropical Konkan cuisine with a view of the Janjira Fort!

I like carrying snacks and staying hydrated with water/juices so I minimize long stops. But taking breaks prevents fatigue behind the wheel.

Booking Accommodation and Managing Travel

With limited quality hotels in Harihareshwar, booking well in advance is a must during tourist seasons. Small homestays offer a nice local experience too.

I recommend checking online booking sites like MakeMyTrip for availability and rates across different hotels/homestays. MakeMyTrip also lets you book cabs/cars if you don’t want to drive yourself.

I’d budget ₹3000-4000 for a decent hotel stay per night. Additionally, factor ₹6000-8000 for a round-trip cab from Pune if not driving personally.

Packing Essentials and Items to Carry

Since Harihareshwar is a beach town, pack light, breathable summer clothes. But do carry essentials like:

  • Sun protection - hats, glasses, high SPF sunscreen

  • Swimwear – swimsuits, goggles

  • Medicines – for motion sickness, headaches, first-aid

  • Snacks and water to have during the drive

  • Camera – to capture the lovely coastal views!

Make sure your car has supplies too:

  • Coolant, engine oil, spare tire

  • Car chargers for phone battery

  • Offline maps or GPS to track route

Packing right ensures you have a comfortable journey and all your necessities once you arrive.

What to Expect When Reaching Harihareshwar

The drive takes you along lush green paddy fields, rivers and the beautiful Konkan coast. As you reach Harihareshwar, the coconut and betel nut groves signal your arrival!

The narrow lanes of the town center on the temple, which devotedly preserves the old architecture. Just 2 km away lie the striking Harihareshwar and Kalbhairav beaches, where golden sands meet blue waters.

Staying by the beach, expect simple but delicious Konkan meals like seafood curries or Solkadi, a coconut milk drink to cool you down. Don’t miss waking up early to catch a glorious sunrise over the Arabian Sea too!

The peace and serenity here make all the effort to get to Harihareshwar worthwhile. After unwinding by the beach and exploring local sites, I returned to Pune feeling rejuvenated.


So now that you know how to reach Harihareshwar from Pune, start planning your own trip! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions. The Konkan coast awaits!


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