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How Many Rides Are There in Imagica Theme Park?

Imagica theme park, owned by Adlabs Entertainment Ltd, is one of India’s largest theme parks located in Mumbai. Spread across 300 acres, Imagica offers a variety of rides, attractions, and experiences for all age groups. If you are planning to visit Imagica, you must be wondering - how many rides are there in Imagica?

Read on to get a breakdown of all the rides and attractions at Imagica theme park.

how many rides are there in imagica

Overview of Rides at Imagica

Imagica has 25 rides and attractions combined across its multiple zones catering to both thrill-seekers and families. The rides and attractions at Imagica are divided into the following categories:

  • KidZones: 4 Rides

  • Themed Zones: 8 Rides and attractions

  • Water Park: 3 Rides

  • Snow Park: 2 Rides and attractions

  • Others: 8 Rides and attractions

Below is a quick breakdown of all the major rides and attractions at Imagica:

KidZones Rides

Imagica offers 4 exciting rides for kids below 130cm of height in the KidZones section:

  • Happy Wheels: Battery-powered cars for kids to drive

  • Carousel: Merry-go-round with horses to ride

  • Convoy: Mini truck convoy for kids

  • Giant Wheel: Smaller ferris wheel for kids

Themed Zones Rides

There are 8 major rides spread across Imagica’s themed zones like IMAxx, Scream Machine and Gold Rush:

  • Nitro: Roller coaster ride reaching speed of 65 km/hr

  • Deep Space: Indoor roller coaster ride in the dark

  • Scream Machine: Floorless roller coaster with top speed of 65 km/hr

  • Gold Rush: Log flume water ride with speed of 60 km/hr

  • Salimgarh: Dark ride with special effects

  • D2: Intense drop tower ride

  • I for India: Splash ride reaching height of 20 meters

  • Mr. India: Motion simulator ride inspired by the movie

Water Park Rides

The water park at Imagica named ‘Splash’ has 3 exciting water rides:

  • Lohagarh Ride: Four person rafting slide

  • Wetlagoon: Wave pool with depths up to 4 feet

  • Aqua Trail: Lazy river ride on tubes

Snow Park Rides

At the unique snow park, you can enjoy 2 snow-filled rides and attractions:

  • Snow Coaster: Roller coaster ride on snow

  • Tubby’s Snow Play Zone: Snow play area for making snowmen

Other Rides and Attractions

Some of the other notable rides and attractions at Imagica include:

  • Cinema 360: 4D theater

  • Imagica Capital: Parade with dancers and characters

  • Backstage Tour: Behind-the-scenes tour

  • Wrath of the Gods: Special effects water show

  • I for India: Boat ride

  • Alibaba: Dark ride

  • House of Stars: Bollywood musical show

So in total, there are over 25 rides and attractions for visitors of all ages to enjoy at Imagica theme park near Mumbai. The unique variety of rides ranging from roller coasters, dark rides, water rides make Imagica a must-visit destination for theme park lovers.

Safety of Rides at Imagica

All rides at Imagica adhere to international safety standards. The rides undergo daily maintenance checks and periodic inspections to ensure complete safety.

Secure harnesses, seatbelts and restraints are used on rides. Height restrictions are imposed for safety reasons. Emergency stop buttons and CCTV monitoring exist across the park.

The well-trained staff oversees operations and ensures guests follow all safety guidelines. So rest assured, you can experience all the rides safely by adhering to Imagica’s safety policies.

How to Plan Your Visit?

  • Check the Imagica website to see available rides, offers and safety policies

  • Buy your tickets online to avail discounts

  • Refer the online map to navigate easily across zones

  • Check height and age restrictions before standing in long queues

  • Follow all safety instructions carefully

With over 25 rides and attractions, Imagica offers a complete package of entertainment for the entire family. Follow the ride safety policies and you are sure to have an adventurous, memorable day at one of India’s best theme parks.


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