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How I Traveled from Hyderabad to Kolhapur

As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, I recently decided to make a long trip from my home in Hyderabad to the historic city of Kolhapur. Given the distance of over 800 km between the two cities, it took careful planning and preparation to make this journey smoothly.

In this article, I'll share my first-hand experience traveling between Hyderabad and Kolhapur in the hopes it helps fellow travelers wanting to make this trip themselves.

How to reach Kolhapur from Hyderabad

Planning My Route from Hyderabad to Kolhapur

The first step was deciding the best route to take. I explored taking trains, buses, and flights. There are direct flights between Hyderabad and Kolhapur, but they are quite expensive. Buses take very long - over 20 hours.

I settled on taking an overnight train from Hyderabad to Pune, then another short train from Pune to Kolhapur. This allowed me to save money compared to flying, while still getting there faster than a bus.

After booking my train tickets in advance online, I researched the travel time, train details, and station stops along the way. Having a full itinerary planned out ahead of time made travel smooth and stress-free when the day came.

Packing Light Yet Smart for My Rail Journey

Since I would be traveling by train, it was important to pack light, while still having everything I'd need. Some essentials I included:

  • A few changes of clothes

  • Toiletries and medications

  • Snacks for the long journey

  • Chargers for phone, laptop, camera

  • Paperback book for entertainment

  • Sleeping bag, eye mask, and earplugs for the overnight train

I made sure to pack wisely in my backpack, consolidating items into packing cubes, so I wouldn't be struggling with unwieldy luggage between stations.

My Experience: Travelling Across India by Train

When departure day arrived, I set out early in the morning to reach Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station and catch my train: the Godavari Express to Pune.

The journey was quite smooth and peaceful watching the Indian countryside roll past outside my window. I had some interesting conversations with my fellow passengers. The train was mostly on time through its many stops.

I reached Pune the next morning, feeling surprisingly well-rested. After freshening up, I only had to wait an hour to board my next train to Kolhapur.

This leg of the trip was barely 5 hours as we swiftly crossed through Maharashtra state. I savored mouthwatering local food from the train canteen for lunch.

Pulling into quaint old Kolhapur station, I couldn't wait to explore the city!

Tips for Travelers Retracing My Steps

For anyone looking to make this same journey between the bustling IT hub of Hyderabad and the historic temple town of Kolhapur, I have some tips:

  • Book tickets well in advance to get the best fares and availability

  • Travel as light as you can get away with - porter help can be hard to find

  • Keep essentials, medications, and snacks handy in your hand luggage

  • Get an upper berth ticket for more space and privacy

  • Carry some loose change and bottled water at all times

  • Download offline maps so you don't get lost

  • Practice basic Marathi and Hindi phrases to get by more easily

Discovering India through Cross-Country Travel

Getting out of my comfort zone to traverse the breadth of the country has opened my perspective on the amazing diversity of cultures, cuisines, and languages spanning India.

I highly recommend train travel as an affordable way for people to expand their horizons. Moving slowly through the ever-changing landscape offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this complex land we call home.

The journey from Hyderabad to Kolhapur has left me with fond memories, new friendships, and a sense of connection to the villages, small towns and people that make up so much of India away from the bustling metros.


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