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A Complete Guide to Permits Needed for Visiting Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is India’s easternmost state, blessed with immense natural beauty and indigenous tribal culture. However, being a sensitive border state, visiting Arunachal Pradesh requires special permits and planning. This comprehensive guide will explain all you need to know about the permit system to travel to Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh

What Permits Are Required to Visit Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal Pradesh is a protected state that requires all visitors to obtain special permits before traveling. There are two types of permits:

  1. Inner Line Permit (ILP) - For Indian Citizens

  2. Protected Area Permit (PAP) - For Foreign Nationals

Indian Citizens - The Inner Line Permit

All Indian citizens require a special Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh. The ILP is an official travel document issued by the state government of Arunachal Pradesh. It is mandatory to obtain the ILP before your travel and carry it with you at all times when in Arunachal.

The ILP is valid for entering all parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Permits are issued for up to 30 days and can be extended by applying at the district headquarters. ILPs are checked at entry points by security forces.

Who Needs An ILP?

All Indian tourists, including children above the age of 6 years, require an ILP. Business travelers, government employees, laborers, workers, etc. also need to obtain ILPs before entering the state.

Exceptions are made for armed forces personnel on duty and Arunachal Pradesh state government employees or residents.

Where To Get an ILP?

The easiest and fastest way is to apply online for an eILP on the official Arunachal Pradesh government website. You will receive a soft copy of the permit by email which you can print and carry.

You can also obtain ILPs on arrival at designated facilitation centers at Mohanbari Airport Dibrugarh, Donyi Polo Airport Itanagar, Naharlagun Railway Station or Guwahati.

For stays over 30 days, apply at the Resident Commissioner’s office in Delhi or the Deputy Resident Commissioner's office in Kolkata.

Documents Required for ILP Application:

  • Valid Photo ID Proof (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, PAN Card or Driving License)

  • Copy of Photo

  • Address Proof

  • Optional: Hotel booking confirmation or Invitation letter

Cost of ILP:

The ILP fees are Rs 100 per head for 7 days and Rs 200 for 15-30 days. No fee for children below 6 years. Payment can be made online or at the facilitation center.

Foreign Tourists - Protected Area Permit

Instead of the ILP, foreign nationals including NRIs require a Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit Arunachal Pradesh. It is mandatory for all foreign tourists to travel in organized groups accompanied by a registered local tour operator.

PAPs should be applied at least 1 month in advance before travel through the online PAP application system on the Ministry of Home Affairs website. The application requires details like travel dates, places to visit, passport information, etc.

The permit will be processed and issued within 3 weeks. Approved PAPs can be downloaded online and a hard copy must be carried during travel.

Cost of PAP:

Foreigners have to pay a royalty fee of USD 50 per person to the Arunachal Pradesh government in addition to standard permit fees.

Validity of PAP:

The PAP allows foreign tourists to stay for 30 days and visit approved locations in Arunachal Pradesh. Extensions of up to 3 months can be obtained by applying at Itanagar.

Key Tips for your Arunachal Pradesh Permit

  • Apply for permits well in advance of your travel date to avoid last-minute delays.

  • Carry at least 2 photocopies of your permit to be safer.

  • Ensure all details entered match the valid ID proof that you'll carry.

  • For restricted or protected areas beyond the normal permitted circuit, special additional permits may be required.

  • Stay vigilant and cooperate during checkpost inspections along the way.

  • Follow all terms and conditions mentioned in the permit document.

  • Don't overstay beyond the permit validity or travel to prohibited areas.


With some advance preparation and following permit rules, your trip to magical Arunachal Pradesh will be smooth and hassle-free. This guide summarizes everything you need to know from permit types, documents, cost, validity, and tips to travel safely and legally to India's enchanting northeastern state.


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