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Where to Stay in Rome on a Budget

With its magnificent ancient ruins, Baroque fountains, and lively piazzas, Rome attracts millions of visitors every year. However, the Eternal City also comes with an eternal price tag, especially when it comes to accommodation. Thankfully, you can still experience la dolce vita in Rome without breaking the bank if you pick the right neighborhood and lodging. This guide covers the best areas and options for where to stay in Rome on a budget.


Known as the birthplace of Western civilization, Rome is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. As Italy’s capital and largest city, it offers endless opportunities for sightseeing. From the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel, Rome overflows with iconic landmarks.

However, everything from hotels to dinner and transportation carries premium pricing in Rome. Budget-conscious travelers can avoid sticker shock by steering clear of luxury hotels around major landmarks. Looking instead to Rome’s characteristic neighborhoods and boutique accommodations allows you to save money without sacrificing conveniences or charm.

The key factors for accommodations in Rome are location, rates, and room features. Fortunately, affordable areas and lodgings exist both near top sights and further afield. With savvy planning, you can discover la dolce vita, the sweet life, in Rome even on a budget.


Rome encompasses a sprawling metropolis, so picking the right zone makes a big difference. Staying in or near the historic city center puts you closest to the attractions, while more peripheral districts offer cheaper rates. Here are some top neighborhoods for budget stays in Rome.


Trastevere sits just across the Tiber River from central Rome. This bohemian district preserves a quaint, local vibe with cobbled lanes and mom-and-pop trattorias. Trastevere also enjoys easy access to the city center via tram or bus. Budget hotels here run cheaper than comparable lodgings downtown.

 Trastevere, Rome, Italy


Prati borders the iconic sites of the Vatican City. Situated north of the river, it provides convenience for seeing St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. The main Via Cola di Rienzo hosts shops, cafes, and affordable hotel chains. Overall, Prati is a safe, pedestrian-friendly base.


For budget travelers who want to be right amid the ruins, Monti is ideal. This central Rome neighborhood overlooks the forums and Colosseum from the Esquiline and Viminale hills. Its hipster vibe hosts trendy boutiques, wine bars, and a thriving nightlife scene. Budget hotels and B&Bs fill the area.

Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, Rome, Italy


For travelers who prefer a traditional hotel, Rome has many reasonably priced options. Look to budget chains, boutique hotels, or religious institutions.

Hotel Chains

Familiar low-cost hotel chains like Ibis, Etap, Premier Inn, Travelodge, and B&B Hotels have several locations around Rome. These focus on baseline amenities and clean, simple rooms starting around 50 to 100 EUR per night. Opting for a shared bathroom brings greater savings.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels offer personalized service and more distinct styles, often in historic buildings. Family-run pensions fill neighborhoods like Monti or Trastevere and start around 80 EUR for singles. What they lack in luxury, they provide in Italian hospitality. Rooms may be smaller, but breakfast is often included.

Monastery Stays

For tranquil accommodations, consider religious housing. Rome has convents, friaries, and pilgrim homes that rent out rooms affordably. Basic amenities and a prime location near the Vatican or Colosseum make monastic stays a savvy choice. Rates are around 40 to 80 EUR per night.

Apartment Rentals

For extra space and privacy, apartments are ideal lodgings. Online rental platforms connect you with local hosts or management companies.


Airbnb offers the widest inventory and price range for Rome apartment rentals. Entire apartments start at around 70 EUR, while private rooms in shared units run cheaper. Look for Superhosts with high ratings and reviews.

Vacation Rentals

Websites like HomeAway and VRBO specifically feature professionally managed vacation rental listings. Minimum stays may apply, but you avoid Airbnb service fees. Quality, space, and price vary greatly.

University Rentals

Some Italian universities rent apartments to visitors during summer and holidays. Options are basic but affordable, around 30 to 60 EUR per person. Check sites like Student Apartments in Rome and Uniplaces.


For solo travelers on tight budgets, hostels provide ultra-cheap lodging starting at around 20 EUR per night. Consider these factors when booking:

Room Types

Hostel rooms range from 6 to 12-person dorms to private singles and doubles. Opt for a women’s dorm for safety. Linens and lockers are provided.


The best hostels have communal kitchens, lounges, computers, WiFi, and bike rentals. Some organize activities like pasta nights, pub crawls, and walking tours.


Reviews on Hostelworld,, and TripAdvisor reveal which hostels are clean and sociable. Highly rated spots book out fast.

Budget Travel Tips

Beyond picking affordable lodging, other measures contribute to savings in Rome:

  • Visit in shoulder season to avoid peak rates. Spring and fall have mild weather.

  • Book flights and trains early. Budget airlines and rail passes reduce transport costs.

  • Walk, use public transit, or rent a bike - no car is needed in Rome!

  • Research free museum days and sightsee diy-style.


Rome dazzles visitors with its history, cuisine, art, and romance. By optimizing your neighborhood location, hotel or apartment type, and trip planning, you can experience Rome’s magic on a budget. Trastevere, Prati, and Monti offer cheaper rates and Italy’s characteristic charm. Consider affordable hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, or even monastery stays. Use public transportation to reach all the famous sites. With an insider’s approach, Rome can be accessible for budget travelers.


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