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When is the Best Time to Visit the Maldives? A Month-by-Month Guide

With its glimmering turquoise lagoons, iconic overwater bungalows, and world-class diving spots, the Maldives tops many travelers' bucket lists. And one of the most common questions I get asked is - when is the best time to visit Maldives to have an amazing tropical vacation?

As someone who has been fortunate to visit the Maldives multiple times across seasons, I'm sharing this detailed month-by-month breakdown to help you figure out the ideal time for you to plan a trip to these stunning Indian Ocean islands.


December to April - The High Season

The weather: Sunny, hot and humid with average temperatures of 30°C. Water temperatures are warm and ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Why go: This is the peak tourism season in the Maldives. The weather is dry with very little rainfall. You can expect amazing weather for sunbathing on the beach, island hopping, and water activities like scuba diving.

What to consider: Resort rates are at their highest during this peak holiday period. The islands see more crowds. Book hotels well in advance for the Christmas-New Year weeks.

Bottomline: December to April is great if you want to fully experience the Maldives at its best, don't mind splurging on hotel rates, and plan ahead for accommodation. The weather makes it perfect for outdoor activities and water sports.

May to July - The Low Season

The weather: Hot and humid year-round in Maldives. However, these months see increased rainfall with short sporadic downpours and occasional thunderstorms as the Southwest monsoon begins.

Why go: One major advantage is the low season hotel rates, often discounted by 30-50%. Fewer tourists mean the resorts won't be crowded either. You might even score upgrade deals. It's a good time for budget travelers.

What to consider: The ocean can get choppier affecting some water activities like diving and snorkeling. Heavy rainfall may result in some indoor time. Still overall good for a peaceful break.

Bottomline: May to July is ideal for travelers looking for a luxury escape on a budget without crowds and who don't mind some rain.

August to November - The Shoulder Season

The weather: The rainfall starts decreasing by mid-August as the monsoon season tapers off. The weather begins improving, with sunny days and fewer storms or showers.

Why go: With the rain subsiding and peak season crowds yet to arrive, this is a delightful time to visit Maldives. Resort rates also drop from the sky-high prices during peak December-April period.

What to consider: The weather is still transitional with some rainfall and cloudy days. Sea conditions improve but may not be ideal yet for water activities.

Bottomline: For a balance of milder weather, affordable rates and fewer crowds, plan your Maldives trip between August to November.

What is the Best Month to Visit Maldives?

Each month has its own charm in Maldives. But the best time with ideal weather and manageable hotel rates is from mid-December to February.

  • December has Christmas and New Year vibes, perfect honeymoon weather, and cheaper rates earlier in the month.

  • January sees blue skies, low rainfall, great visibility for diving, and easing crowds from the holiday rush. Resort prices are still on the higher side.

  • February maintains the dry weather and high temperatures. With kids back to school, resorts may offer more discounts before prices rise in March. Ideal for couples and groups.

During these months, you can indulge in all the tropical activities - snorkeling in clear turquoise waters, swimming with manta rays, exploring local islands, and more. The temperatures remain high in the evenings, so you can enjoy sunset dinners on the beach too.

Tips for Visiting Maldives

  • Book hotels 4-6 months in advance for the best rates during the peak winter season.

  • Opt for seaplane transfers for a scenic aerial tour while arriving.

  • Carry sun protection like hats, UV protected clothing and high SPF sunscreens.

  • Try local cuisine like garlic tuna, mas huni roshi (flatbread with coconut and egg).

  • Pack light, beachy clothing, swimwear, flip-flops - resorts don't need formal clothing.

  • Have US dollars handy for any extra expenses or excursions.

  • Check if your resort has an on-site dive center - very convenient for scuba diving enthusiasts.

I hope this breakdown helps you decide when is the ideal time for you to plan that dream Maldives vacation you've been waiting for! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments.


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