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What is Famous in Pune for Shopping

Pune, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, is known as the cultural capital of the state. Over the years, it has also emerged as a prominent IT hub as well as a shopping destination. From traditional markets to swanky malls, Pune offers a vibrant shopping experience for locals and tourists alike.

What is Famous in Pune for Shopping

Cloth Market

One of the most iconic shopping markets in Pune is the Cloth Market located in the old city area. As the name suggests, this market has numerous stalls and shops selling fabrics, saris, dress materials, readymade garments, and accessories. You can find traditional Maharashtrian outfits as well as modern Indian wear. The market is almost always bustling with shoppers haggling for the best deals. Even if you don't intend to buy anything, a visit to this vibrant bazaar is recommended.

Mobile Market

Located a short distance away from the Cloth Market is the Mobile Market. With dozens of small shops packed together in a lane, this is where you'll get some of the best deals on smartphones and mobile accessories. Most shops allow you to thoroughly check and test the phones before buying. Be sure to brush up on your haggling skills before visiting!

Tulsi Baug Market

Another market in old Pune that deserves a mention is Tulsi Baug. It has numerous rows of shops selling jewelry, clothing items, traditional handicrafts, antiques, and household items. The vibrant colors and constant chaos make Tulsi Baug a fascinating place to explore. You can find some unique souvenirs and items here that you won't find elsewhere.

M.G. Road

In contrast to the traditional markets, M.G. Road in Pune exemplifies modern shopping experiences. It has prestigious malls, high-street shopping brands, restaurants, and premium hotels. Visit M.G. Road to shop at stores of renowned Indian and international brands. Some popular malls here include Phoenix Marketcity, Amanora, and Seasons Mall.

Hong Kong Lane

Hong Kong Lane is a small yet immensely popular street market located in the Camp area of Pune. You'll find inexpensive clothes, bags, shoes, accessories as well as home décor items here. Youngsters love shopping at Hong Kong Lane due to its cool quotient and affordable prices. With new items stocked daily, you'll always find something new and exciting here.

Dagadusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

No discussion of Pune shopping is complete without mentioning the iconic Dagadusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple. The temple is not only an important place of worship but also sells the famous Dagadusheth halwa. This sweet delicacy made of sugar, flour, ghee, and nuts is simply divine. When visiting the temple, make sure to buy a box of this halwa for yourself and your loved ones.

Souvenirs to Buy

Some of the best things to buy as souvenirs from Pune include traditional Kolhapuri chappals and jewelry, handicraft items, metal works, spice mixes like Goda masala, and Maharashtrian sweets like shrikhand, puran poli, and modak. You should also pick up iconic Indian outfits like sarees and kurtas.


With an amalgamation of ancient bazaars and chic malls, Pune offers memorable shopping experiences. The traditional markets showcase the cultural side of the city whereas the modern malls cater to contemporary tastes. No matter what you wish to buy, you are sure to find it in Pune.


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