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What is Nagpur famous for

As someone who grew up in Nagpur, the Orange City of India, I'm often asked "What is Nagpur famous for?" While most know it as a commercial hub and major city in Maharashtra, there's much more to Nagpur than meets the eye.

Over the years of living here, I've discovered the many hidden gems that make Nagpur so special.

What is Nagpur famous for

The Sweet & Juicy Oranges

Nagpur is best known as the largest orange-growing region in the country. The lush orchards sprouting the sweet and juicy Nagpur Santra mandarin oranges are truly a pride of the city. During winter, the markets overflow with these bright orange delights, filling the air with their tangy sweet aroma.

The quality and unique taste of the oranges grown in the black cotton soil here have made Nagpur oranges popular across India and even exported worldwide. No wonder a slice of the succulent Nagpur Santra is a must-try for anyone visiting the city.

Rich History & Diverse Cultures

Beyond commerce, Nagpur also has an intriguing history. The city was founded way back in 1702 by the Gonds - the tribal inhabitants of this central Indian region. Later, it became part of the Bhonsle Maratha Empire. Remnants of its regal Maratha rule and tribal roots can still be witnessed across Nagpur's landmarks.

What is Nagpur famous for

From the majestic Ambazari Lake to the historic Sitabuldi Fort and dragon-warrior statue of the Gond king Bakht Buland Shah at the Nagpur Railway Station, the city's sites offer a glimpse into its past. Nagpur also enjoys a cosmopolitan present-day culture as people from various parts of India have settled here over the years.

Abundant Nature's Bounty

For me though, Nagpur's biggest draw has always been its green cover and natural beauty. Despite urbanization, the city still boasts sprawling lush forests, verdant hills, and thriving wildlife sanctuaries in its vicinity.

The famous Tadoba National Park located merely 150 km away is the Land of the Tiger. Its dense forests and marshes abundantly shelter tigers, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, gaurs, and even crocodiles. Whether on a safari or tour, sighting these majestic beasts in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience.

What is Nagpur famous for

Besides its famous orange orchards, Nagpur also cultivates other fruits, vegetables, and crops. The surrounding countryside landscape spotted with vibrant flowers, rice fields, and cotton cultivation showcases the region's strong agrarian roots.

Cuisine That Captures the Essence of the Land

Like its nature and culture, Nagpur's delicious cuisine also perfectly captures the essence of Central India. From the trademark spicy Nagpuri Saoji Mutton Curry to the humble but flavourful Dal Subzi, the city's food is rich and intense in taste. Sweets occupy a special place in the Nagpurian heart too.

The melt-in-mouth sensory explosion of Orange Burfis, creamy Shrikhand, and Phanaschi Bhaakar always transport me back home. Enjoyed best with small side dishes called Chiwda, Nagpur's variegated cuisine celebrates seasonal local produce in its own rustic style.

Becoming an Emerging IT Hub

Even as it retains its small-town old charm, Nagpur has quickly developed into an emerging IT and startup hub over the recent years. With MIHAN - the country's first multi-modal cargo hub and SEZ located here, major national and international tech firms have set up bases in the city.

Being the geographical center of India, Nagpur's connectivity and infrastructure have vastly improved too - be it through air, rail, or road.

With its excellent education institutes, improving socio-economic indicators, and abled governance, the growing city today attracts bright-eyed youth from across Central India. The presence of this dynamic talent has further catalyzed innovation and development across industries to shape Nagpur's future.

At the Conflux of Culture, Commerce, and Nature

For me though, Nagpur's biggest allure will always be its unique conflux of culture, commerce, and nature coming together to create an identity quite unlike any other city.

It is where you can start your morning with a heritage tour before engaging in business meetings with corporates over a lunch of Saoji mutton, return to lush suburbs in the evening, and end your day with delicious local street food, maybe some Orange Burfi.

As I look forward to what the future holds for my hometown, I believe Nagpur's inclusive outlook that equally embraces traditions and ambition will enable it to preserve its ethos while quickly progressing to become a global city ultimately.


When people ask "What is Nagpur famous for?", in essence, it's difficult to pin down just one thing because Nagpur isn't so much a single destination as it is an entire experience. Its natural beauty, cultural medley, and promising prospects make Nagpur a city where the modern seamlessly merges with the vintage.

Anyone visiting here is sure for a wonderful time discovering the eclectic gems that give Nagpur its sparkle.


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