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What is Famous in Manali for Shopping

Manali, nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Apart from its picturesque landscape of snow-capped peaks, gushing rivers and lush forests, Manali is also known for its vibrant markets and shopping scene.

What is Famous in Manali for Shopping

Shawls and Stoles

Famous for its wide variety of locally made woolen products, shawls and stoles are a must-buy when shopping in Manali. You can find traditional Kullu and Kinnauri shawls made of lambswool, shahtoosh wool or pashmina. Intricately woven and embellished, these shawls make excellent gifts and souvenirs.

The Tibetan settlements in and around Manali are also good place to shop for high-quality woolen shawls and mufflers. From simple patterns to vibrant floral motifs, you'll find shawls in different materials like yak wool, alpaca wool and even lambswool. Prices start from INR 700 and can go up depending on the quality.

Winter Wear

With temperatures dipping below freezing point in winter, Manali is the place to buy all kinds of winter wear for both men and women. From puffer jackets, sweaters, and thermals to beanies, gloves and more - the winter wear options are endless here.

Head to the Mall Road market to browse through popular brands like Woodland, Sonari and Deepam. You'll also find local shop owners selling hand-knit mufflers, gloves and socks at throwaway prices. Winter wear is quite economical in Manali, thanks to local production.

Handicraft Items

Manali is renowned for its vibrant tradition of handicrafts passed down through generations. You can pick up these authentic Himachali handicraft items as souvenirs or ethnic decor pieces.

  • Wooden Decor Pieces - Intricately carved boxes, bowls, trays, photo frames, jewelry boxes etc. Walnut, Sheesham and maple wood are used commonly by artisans.

  • Metal Statues - Decorative bronze or brass statues of local deities, dancing postures or animal figurines.

  • Paintings - Landscape or portrait paintings depicting Himachali culture. Traditional art style uses vibrant mineral colors.

Hadimba Market and Tibetan Market are popular shopping hubs offering great handicraft choices. Don't forget to bargain a bit!

Fresh Fruits

Thanks to its cool climate and fertile valleys, a variety of fruits are grown in Himachal's orchards. Cherries, plums, pears, apples, strawberries and more - you'll find an impressive selection of juicy organic fruits in Manali. Roadside fruit stalls sell fresh seasonal fruits or dried fruit products like jams, juices and preserves.

Mall Road fruit shops let you even try samples before buying. Nothing compares to the sweet tangy taste of fruits plucked fresh from the orchards! Pick up some crunchy apples, luscious strawberries or sweet honey-flavored apricots to relish or take home.

Traditional Himachali Products

Bring back a taste of Himachali culture by buying authentic food products from Manali markets -

  • Siddu and Bread - Flour-based local breads like siddu, patande, chilra. Can be carried easily.

  • Pickles and Chutneys - Spicy ginger-garlic pickles, tangy seabuckthorn chutneys etc. Yummy!

  • Honey - Pure, unprocessed honey directly from mountain hives. Said to have medicinal value.

  • Fruit Wines - Apple cider, plum wine, and apricot wine produced locally. An exotic treat!

So if you're looking for shopping places in Manali, the main market areas like The Mall, Hadimba Devi Market, Tibetan Market should be on your list! Wander through these vibrant bazaars and you'll surely discover amazing finds from stoles, winter wear, fruits, handicrafts, art and more to fill your bags.


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