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Top 15 Places to Visit in Venezuela in 2024 - Tourist Attractions & Things To Do

Boasting incredible natural landscapes, from the world's tallest waterfall to the vast Orinoco Delta, Venezuela is a country full of astounding beauty. Beyond the famous sites, it also features lively cities, tropical beaches, and captivating colonial architecture. Despite its recent challenges, Venezuela remains a rewarding travel destination with friendly locals and cultural richness waiting to be discovered.

In this post, we'll highlight the 15 best places to visit in Venezuela for an unforgettable 2024 trip. From Angel Falls and Los Roques to colonial towns and national parks, here are the top attractions and things to do in Venezuela this year.

Angel Falls - The World's Tallest Waterfall

One of Venezuela's most iconic sights, Angel Falls, plunge an awe-inspiring 979 meters off a flat-topped mountain (tepuy) in Canaima National Park. Witnessing the sheer power and scale of the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take a light plane and boat tour to reach Angel Falls within the lush rainforest wilderness. Visiting this natural wonder should top any Venezuela travel bucket list.

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Los Roques - Pristine Islands & Beaches

The gorgeous Los Roques archipelago in the Caribbean is known for its picture-perfect beaches, coral reefs, and tranquil turquoise waters. With over 300 uninhabited cays (islands) to explore, this pristine national park offers superb sailing, snorkeling, diving, and relaxing in rustic posadas. Don't miss the iconic Gran Roque island or the scenic El Gran Valle sandbar. Los Roques is a true tropical paradise.

Los Roques
Los Roques

Canaima National Park - Otherworldly Landscapes

Canaima National Park protects a huge portion of the Gran Sabana region in southeast Venezuela, encompassing rainforests, savannas, and the tepuis - massive table-top mountains. This remarkably biodiverse park contains Angel Falls and other highlights like scenic Laguna Canaima. The remote landscapes and indigenous culture make Canaima National Park a top destination.

Mérida - Adventure Capital of the Andes

Set high in the northern Andes Mountains, Mérida charms visitors with its lively university vibe and proximity to nature. Known as Venezuela's outdoor adventure capital, Mérida offers hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, paragliding and more. The laid-back colonial city also dazzles with charming plazas, restaurants, and handicraft shops. Mérida delivers both cultural immersion and alpine thrills.

Mochima National Park - Idyllic Tropical Escape

Fringed by palm-lined beaches, Mochima National Park comprises a string of undeveloped islands off Venezuela's northeast coast. With clear waters perfect for snorkeling and kayaking, hike-able trails, and rustic lodges, Mochima is a peaceful tropical escape. Don't miss visiting cactus-covered Isla Arapo and relaxing at Playa Esmeralda's hotel strip or the peaceful Playa El Agua.

Mochima National Park
Mochima National Park

Mount Roraima - Otherworldly Table Top Mountain

The towering Mount Roraima plateau inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World. At 2,810 meters, Roraima creates a natural border between Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana in Canaima National Park. Hiking Roraima's steep cliffs rewards you with surreal vistas and unique plant life. Experiencing the mountain's isolated sheer-sided summit feels like stepping into another world.

Henri Pittier National Park - Tropical Wilderness

Rugged, remote Henri Pittier National Park extends along Venezuela's Caribbean coast. Lush rainforests, palm-lined beaches, mangroves, rivers, and waterfalls make this a refuge for spectacular wildlife like jaguars, sloths, monkeys, over 500 bird species, and more. Rancho Grande and San Esteban offer basic accommodation to enjoy the park’s natural beauty and hiking trails.

Colonial Towns - Picturesque Architecture

Venezuela has several appealing colonial towns full of history and charm like Colonia Tovar, a traditional German-style village in the cloud forest. Puerto la Cruz, Coro, and Choroní also showcase Spanish colonial architecture: cobbled streets, plazas with churches and statues, colorful buildings with tiled roofs. Wandering through these historical settlements feels like stepping back in time.

Margarita Island - Cosmopolitan Beach Getaway

The famous Isla Margarita off Venezuela’s northeast coast boasts gorgeous beaches and buzzing resorts. Soak up the lively atmosphere in Porlamar, enjoy excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing around Laguna de las Marites, or relax at beach clubs in Playa El Yaque. The clear waters and island vibe draw visitors from around the world. Margarita offers a fabulous beach vacation.

Orinoco Delta - Vast River Wilderness

The enormous Orinoco River Delta in eastern Venezuela forms a labyrinth of water channels and islands teeming with wildlife. Taking a boat trip through this hot, swampy region lets you glide past mangroves and rainforests and spot animals like caimans, river dolphins, monkeys, exotic birds and more. The diversity of the Orinoco Delta makes it a mesmerizing place to explore.

Los Llanos - Wildlife Haven

Los Llanos, Venezuela’s vast central plains, provide one of South America’s best safari experiences outside of the Serengeti. Alligators, anacondas, capybaras, anteaters and hundreds of exotic bird species inhabit the savannas and gallery forests. Spot wildlife on a jeep safari, boat tour, or stay at a rustic lodge. For animal lovers, Los Llanos is not to be missed.

La Tortuga Island - Idyllic Caribbean Getaway

Part of Venezuela’s Caribbean dependency islands, La Tortuga impresses visitors with palm-dotted beaches, coral reefs, and ultra-relaxing resorts. This private island escape offers a perfect mix of doing as much or as little as you want. Laze in a hammock, snorkel the pristine waters, enjoy fresh seafood, or take a day trip to Cayo Sal island - you can't go wrong.

National Pantheon - Iconic Mausoleum

In the heart of Caracas, Venezuela’s National Pantheon provides a look into the country's history and honors its most prominent figures. This striking Neoclassical mausoleum contains the remains of Simon Bolivar, other independence heroes, poets, artists, and more. The Pantheon's ornate interior and expansive murals shouldn't be overlooked while in the capital.

Medanos De Coro - Spectacular Sand Dunes

Venezuela’s most impressive dunes, Medanos de Coro National Park stretches 40 kilometers along the Paraguaná Peninsula. These towering golden sand dunes, some over 500 meters high, create a dramatic landscape. Sandboarding, dune buggy rides, and simply appreciating the sheer scale of the undulating sands make Medanos de Coro a memorable place to visit.

El Ávila National Park - Coastal Mountain Wilderness

Looming above Caracas, the steep El Ávila mountain range offers quick access to nature right from the capital city. Explore trails through cloud forests and cave systems within this national park. Go hiking, mountain biking, canyoning or ride the cable car up for superb views over Caracas. El Ávila's scenic beauty so close to the capital is special.

With incredible natural scenery, vibrant culture, and diversity spanning beaches, mountains, savannas, rainforests and more, Venezuela promises fascinating experiences. Though political and economic challenges persist, Venezuela remains a country well worth discovering in 2024, especially these premier destinations. Use this guide to start planning your own Venezuela adventure!


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