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Reaching the Sacred Sarangpur Hanuman Temple by Rail

The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Gujarat has long been on my personal bucket list of spiritual sites to visit in India. As a devotee of Lord Hanuman, I was drawn to visit this vibrant temple and experience its one-of-a-kind 30-foot idol of the Hindu deity.

However, being located in a more remote village area, I wasn't sure what transportation options would enable me to reasonably access it. As an avid backpacker, I strongly preferred making the journey by train rather than flying or taking a bus.

After doing some research on train routes in Gujarat, I was thrilled to discover it is quite straightforward to reach Sarangpur Hanuman Temple by rail. The nearest major railway station is Ahmedabad Junction, which has frequent connections across India.

From there, one can directly take a passenger train straight to the tiny Sarangpur station, which sits just around 2 kilometers from the temple complex itself—making it by far the easiest and most hassle-free option.

Charting My Spiritual Railway Odyssey

Being a long distance from my starting point in Delhi, plotting out the full train schedule was key. I first had to take an overnight train to Ahmedabad Junction, which took about 18 hours. With my trusty backpack stuffed into a humble sleeper car bunk, it made for an affordable and relatively comfortable ride. I actually enjoy overnight trains, as they save money on lodging and allow more time at my destination.

Arriving early the next morning in bustling Ahmedabad station, I then hopped directly on the short one-hour shuttle train taking me straight to little Sarangpur station. This last leg was unreserved, so I packed in tightly with numerous locals also headed to various villages along the route. The train was worn and noisy, but happily transported me through the lush countryside leading to Hanuman's blessed site.

Navigating the Remote Rural Station

Stepping off onto the rustic gravel and dirt platform at Sarangpur station felt like traveling back in time. Surrounded by open agricultural lands under big blue skies, the isolation was both peaceful and challenging, as there was a lack of signs or easy transport options. But part of the magic was figuring it out! Using my trusty offline maps, I was able to orient myself and realized the temple was just about a 30-minute walk away.

Hiking up my backpack, I joined local pilgrims and villagers walking together up the main rural road leading directly to the temple site about 2 kilometers away. We strolled by small farms, homes, cows, and smiling children playing freely.

Each person I met along that dusty road seemed connected in anticipation of receiving Hanuman's grace. It set the perfect reflective tone before entering the gates of this holy place.

Fulfilling My Spiritual Railway Quest

Finally walking into the beautifully-carved entrance with a towering 30-foot Hanuman idol adorned in vibrant orange and holding a protective mace, an overwhelming sense of the deity's strength and devotion enveloped me.

Reaching the Sacred Sarangpur Hanuman Temple by Rail

After such a long train sojourn crisscrossing India mile by mile, I was so emotionally moved to complete this unique spiritual railway pilgrimage to stunning Sarangpur.

Sitting for hours meditating in its open-walled mandapa hall facing Hanuman while sacred rituals happened around me, I felt a powerful peace and connection. That whole journey—from planning my rail route across India to walking the last rural stretch up that humble road—perfectly reflected Hanuman's service, humility and unwavering protection. It spoke deeply to me about surrendering fully to reach what feels most meaningful in our lives.

I boarded that magical overnight train to Sarangpur as a weary traveler but was left wholly transformed from the inside out by boundless divine love.

Future Hopes to Return

While this moving experience was a major accomplishment in my spiritual quest, I hope so much it is only the start of a lifelong relationship with Sarangpur Hanuman Temple. Having figured out how wonderfully accessible it is by rail from all over India, I plan to return frequently in the years ahead. I want to bring friends and family who have not had the same exposure to rural village temples, as it offer such an eye-opening and uplifting perspective.

My hope is that this special destination opens their minds and hearts to the Oneness underlying our beautiful diversity across humanity. And maybe, just maybe, they too will feel called to pen their own spiritual railway adventure to experience Hanuman's magnanimous grace!


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