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Reaching Rajmachi Fort from Mumbai: Tips for first-timers

Rajmachi Fort is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai. Nestled in the stunning Sahyadri ranges, this ancient fort is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As someone who loves trekking and exploring historical places, I have visited Rajmachi several times.

In this article, I will share my personal experience of reaching there from Mumbai along with some tips.

how to reach rajmachi fort from mumbai

Why Visit Rajmachi

In spite of the long journey, visiting Rajmachi Fort offers rich rewards. The panoramic views of Sahyadri range from the top are breathtaking. You get a glimpse of history as you climb the same path tread by Shivaji Maharaj centuries ago.

The night stay allows you to gaze at a clear starry sky free from city pollution. Trekking here tests your endurance and gives a sense of accomplishment.

Rajmachi lets you disconnect from the chaos of Mumbai and connect with nature and history. If you love outdoor activities, it is certainly a travel experience I highly recommend adding to your bucket list.

Getting There

There are a couple of routes to reach Rajmachi Fort from Mumbai. The most convenient route is to first reach Lonavala by road and then head to the base village of Udhewadi.

By Train

If you prefer trains, you can board the Mumbai-Pune passenger or express train from Mumbai. Get down at Lonavala station. From here you can take an auto-rickshaw or bus to reach Udhewadi village, which is around 15 km away.

By Bus

There are regular MSRTC buses every hour from Mumbai Central bus stand to Lonavala. It takes around 3 hours to reach. From the Lonavala bus stand, you can take a local bus or private transport to get to Udhewadi base village.

By Private Transport

If you have your own vehicle, it takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to drive from Mumbai to Udhewadi village via Lonavala depending on traffic conditions. I always prefer this route as it allows flexibility in timings.

The Trek to Rajmachi Fort

From Udhewadi village, the trek to the Rajmachi fort base takes about 1 hour. The initial trail passes through the village farms and lush green forests. One needs to cross a small stream before starting the climb.

There are two routes to the top - one via the Mahadarwaza gate which is easier but longer, and the other is a steep shortcut route. I prefer the Mahadarwaza route when going with less experienced trekkers. Expect some huffing-puffing as you climb two ladder-like entrance gates on the final ascent to the fort.

how to reach rajmachi fort from mumbai

The total trek from Udhewadi village to Rajmachi fort top is 5-6 km and takes about 2-3 hours. Carry enough water and snacks. Wear trekking shoes as the stones can be slippery.

Stay Options at the Fort

One of the best aspects I love about Rajmachi is that you can stay overnight within the fort. It is an incredible experience to see the sunset and sunrise from those ramparts.

There is an old Dharamshala and a new guesthouse managed by the Maharashtra Tourism Department. Otherwise, you can pitch your own tent at designated camping sites. Prior booking is recommended.

I have fond memories of spending a night at the Dharamshala, gazing at the starry skies and soaking in the history. The curated museum here gives insights into the Maratha rule.

Descending and Returning

While the climb takes effort, descending down is easy and fast. I was back at Udhewadi within 90 minutes while enjoying the bird's eye view.

You can freshen up and have lunch at the MTDC resort here. From Udhewadi, retrace your steps to reach Lonavala and Mumbai by evening.

So in a nutshell, reaching Rajmachi fort from Mumbai can be achieved in a day if you start very early. However, I recommend keeping buffer time and spending a night up there for the complete experience.

Tips for First-Timers

If you are planning your first trip to Rajmachi Fort from Mumbai, here are some tips:

  • Check the weather and avoid the monsoons

  • Carry enough water and food

  • Have a backpack with essentials only

  • Wear good shoes and bring extras

  • Book the stays beforehand

  • Travel in a group or with guides

  • Have emergency contacts handy

Always practice responsible tourism. Rajmachi forest area is an ecological hotspot. Ensure you bring back all your plastic waste and be respectful towards locals.

Challenges I faced

Going forward, I foresee better facilities coming up in this region to promote adventure tourism opportunities like the Rajmachi Fort trek. The Maharashtra government has plans to renovate the Dharamshala and set up homestays.

However, factors like water scarcity in summer or traffic congestion on the Mumbai-Pune expressway during weekends pose challenges. Also, the correctness of guide information and plastic waste management need to focus on sustainability.

Nevertheless, the allure and charm of Rajmachi are enduring. It continues to feature among the most exciting destinations to explore from Mumbai. With some mindful effort, better support infrastructure will elevate and not dilute that experience further.


In summary, a visit to Rajmachi Fort is rewarding in terms of natural and historical significance. The moderate-level trek presents fun challenges that every traveler must try. Just ensure proper planning and preparation beforehand. Apply safety precautions as with any outdoor trip.

Responsible tourism practices like not littering will go a long way to preserve the ecology. I look forward to making more trips to this place as it holds special value for me both in terms of adventure and cultural perspective.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.


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