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My Journey From Chiplun to Mumbai by Train

As someone who grew up in the small town of Chiplun in Maharashtra's Konkan region, traveling to the fast-paced maximum city of Mumbai was always an adventure for me.

Over the years, I have made the journey between these two contrasting places numerous times, mostly by the convenient mode of train travel.

In this article, I'll give you an insider's view into this 7-8 hour rail journey from Chiplun to Mumbai based on my personal experiences.

Why I Prefer Trains Over Buses to Travel from Chiplun to Mumbai

Given that buses take almost 12-14 hours to cover the same route, I have always preferred trains over buses when traveling between Chiplun and Mumbai. Trains take a more direct route through the Western Ghats and are much faster.

Another reason is that trains provide more comfortable seating arrangements as compared to the cramped seats in state transport buses. The trains usually have cushioned, reclining seats with ample leg space. There are also fewer breaks which helps cover the distance faster.

chiplun to mumbai train

Lastly, trains allow me to admire the changing landscapes as we pass through lush green hills, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls in the first leg of the journey. The last 2-3 hours before reaching Mumbai is an industrial belt but trains provide good views even along this stretch.

My Usual Train of Choice from Chiplun to Mumbai

Over the years, I have experimented with various trains on this route but my favorite is the Koyna Express which I try to take whenever possible. It is an overnight journey of around 7 hours and perfectly aligns with my schedule.

I prefer boarding from the Chiplun station itself to avoid having to catch connecting locals from nearby stations. The Koyna Express departs Chiplun at 6:10 pm and reaches Dadar in Mumbai around 1:30 am the next day.

It runs on all days of the week except Wednesdays. I've found this train the most convenient for onward journey as it reaches Mumbai in the middle of the night, allowing me a few hours of shut-eye and letting me save on accommodation costs.

How I Spend the 7-8 Hours during My Rail Journey

The initial 3-4 hours from Chiplun are spent gazing out of the window as we pass through the lush green vistas, valleys, water bodies, and waterfalls of the breathtaking Konkan stretch. Some must-see pit stops along this early leg include Gholvad, Nandgaon Road, and Nagothane.

As evening sets in, I usually have a light meal on the train itself. All long-distance trains provide onboard catering services. I prefer to carry some light snacks as well to nibble on through the journey.

Post dinner, I roll out my bedding and try to get a few hours of shut-eye before Mumbai. By 11 pm, the train enters the busy industrial belt with factories lining both sides of the track for the remainder of the journey. No point gazing out now - the view comprises factories, warehouses, and shanties!

The Koyna Express reaches Dadar by 1.30 am. From there, I usually hire a cab or auto for my final destination in Mumbai. Sometimes, if feeling adventurous, I take a local train to continue my onward urban journey.

Tips and Tricks for the Train Journey from Chiplun to Mumbai

Here are some handy pro tips from my years of undertaking this rail journey:

  • Book tickets well in advance: Trains get full very easily, so confirm your reservations at least 2-4 weeks in advance.

  • Carry light luggage: Don't carry more than 1 or 2 bags since you'll need to navigate crowded stations.

  • Pack snacks: Food choices are limited on-board so carrying your own snacks is a good idea.

  • Travel in sleeper class: Comfortable even for 7-8 hours and optimal if you wish to stretch out to sleep.

  • Choose side berths: For some privacy and to avoid climbing up and down.

  • Pack a shawl: AC temperatures can fluctuate so a shawl is good to have.

  • Keep valuables safe: Avoid leaving luggage unattended and use the locker facility at stations.

The Contrast from Small Town Chiplun to Vibrant Mumbai

Over the years, I have come to love the stark contrast this journey provides - from quiet little Chiplun nestled amidst the Sahyadris to the rushed, cacophonous commercial capital of Mumbai.

The laidback life of Chiplun is centered around nature, farming, and fishing. Mumbai, on the other hand, represents opportunity, enterprise, and fast life.

As much as I relish recounting my adventures in Mumbai to folks back home, I have come to cherish small-town living and the community spirit of Chiplun. The excellent rail connectivity now makes it easy for me to experience the best of both worlds.

Concluding Thoughts: The Value of Train Connectivity to Konkan

The rail line connecting coastal Konkan towns like Chiplun to metros like Mumbai has been a boon for local Konkan residents. It has provided increased employment opportunities for the youth through easy access to cities.

The trains carry Konkan's famous Alphonso mangoes to distant markets while bringing industrial goods and tourists to the region. Overall, it has led to positive social and economic development of the previously isolated Konkan belt.

As for me, I will always have fond memories of the changing landscapes I glimpsed on my periodic train journeys between little Chiplun and the maximum city of Mumbai.

Though my future may lie in Mumbai, a part of me belongs to Chiplun and I hope the trains keep enabling me to connect to my roots.


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