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How to Reach Dapoli - A Personal Guide

Dapoli is a small coastal town located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Nestled between the Arabian Sea and the rugged Sahyadri ranges, it makes for an offbeat weekend getaway from cities like Mumbai and Pune.

As someone who loves exploring lesser-known destinations, I recently made a solo trip to Dapoli. Getting there was an adventure in itself.

Here, I'll share my experiences on how to reach Dapoli and things to remember for a smooth journey.

How to reach Dapoli

Reaching Dapoli from Mumbai/Pune

Dapoli does not have an airport or railway station. The nearest railhead is at Khed which is 30 km away. The closest airport is at Ratnagiri which is 60 km away.

The most convenient way to reach Dapoli from Mumbai or Pune is by road. Here are the two routes you can take:

Via Mumbai-Pune Expressway

  • Total distance - 290 km from Mumbai, 170 km from Pune

  • Route -

  • From Mumbai - Take the Mumbai-Pune expressway till the Khopoli exit. Continue towards Kolad, Mahad on NH 166. At Mahad, turn left for Mangaon on SH 104. At Mangaon join NH 166 again till Khed. From Khed drive to Dapoli.

  • From Pune - Take the Mumbai-Pune expressway till the Khopoli exit. Follow the rest of the route above.

  • Time - 5-6 hours from Mumbai, 3-4 hours from Pune

This is the fastest route if you are driving your own car or riding a bike. The expressway allows you to cover the distance quickly. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition as some parts of NH 166 are narrow with heavy vehicle traffic. I'd recommend starting early.

Via NH 66 coast

  • Total distance - 330 km from Mumbai, 250 km from Pune

  • Route -

  • From Mumbai - Take the NH 66 highway via Panvel, Pen, and Kolad. Continue on NH 66 till Harihareshwar. From there turn inland towards Mangaon and take SH 104 to Khed. Drive to Dapoli from Khed.

  • From Pune - Join NH 66 at Vadkhal on the Mumbai-Pune highway. Follow the rest of the route above.

  • Time - 7-8 hours from Mumbai, 5-6 hours from Pune

This coastal route via NH 66 is more picturesque as you drive along the Arabian Sea for the most part. But the road is narrow and loaded with truck traffic. I'd recommend this route only if you have plenty of time and want to enjoy the drive.

Public Transport Options

You can also take a state transport bus from Mumbai or Pune to reach Dapoli.

From Mumbai, daily buses for Dapoli depart from Borivali, Dadar, Mumbai Central, and Thane. The journey takes around 9-10 hours.

From Pune, you need to first come to Khed by bus. MSRTC operates direct buses from Pune to Khed. The bus journey is around 5-6 hours. From Khed you can take a local taxi or bus to Dapoli which is 30 km away.

Keep in mind that bus journeys can be long and tiring. The buses may not be very comfortable. Make sure to carry some food and water.

Important Tips

Here are some tips to remember for a smooth journey:

  • There are limited petrol pumps after Khopoli on the expressway route. So fill up your tank before getting on the expressway.

  • Carry some snacks and drinking water.

  • Start as early as possible, especially if you are driving, to avoid traffic.

  • Monsoons can make the Sahyadri ranges prone to landslides. Check the route conditions before traveling during rain.

  • Buses may take longer than Google Maps estimates. So buffer in some additional time.

  • Keep important contacts like taxi services in Dapoli saved on your phone.

Enjoying the Journey

Part of the adventure of visiting Dapoli is the road journey itself. Once you enter the Konkan region, you are greeted by the picturesque Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.

I liked taking short breaks along the journey to enjoy the natural beauty. Some spots where you can halt for chai-samosa breaks are:

  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary - Picnic spot with hiking trails near Mumbai

  • Harihareshwar Beach - A pretty seaside temple town

  • Bankot Fort - Small seaside fort with great views

  • Burunj Beach - Quiet beach near Dapoli with mangroves

The journey to Dapoli makes you leave behind the city's chaos. You can soak in the coastal landscapes and arrive refreshed. Time your travel to reach Dapoli in the evening to catch a stunning sunset from the beach.

Dapoli - A Hidden Gem Worth Visiting

While getting to Dapoli requires some effort, it is worth it once you arrive. It is still an offbeat destination with clean beaches, historic forts, and charming local villages. Being a small town, it is not very crowded or commercialized.

I loved unwinding at the peaceful Dapoli beaches, joining local fishermen for the catch of the day, and hiking in the forested Sahyadri hills nearby. The famous Alphonso mangoes grown in Dapoli are simply delicious.

This coastal Maharashtrian town makes for the ideal budget-friendly weekend trip if you love nature, food, and culture. So don't think twice about planning a visit to Dapoli. Just follow my tips to reach Dapoli hassle-free and get ready to explore this hidden gem!

Let me know in the comments if you need any other tips for traveling to Dapoli from Mumbai, Pune, or other cities. I'll be happy to help plan your trip.


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