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How Many Days Are Required to Visit Saputara?

Saputara is a popular hill station located in the Sahyadri mountain range in Gujarat, India. Known for its cool climate, lush green forests, awe-inspiring views of the winding rivers, and untouched natural beauty, Saputara makes for an ideal weekend getaway or holiday destination.

If you’re planning a trip to Saputara, one of the key questions is how many days you need to explore this beautiful hill station and its top attractions.

Read on as we provide a recommended itinerary and tips to help you plan your Saputara trip.

How Many Days Are Required to Visit Saputara?

Overview of Saputara Attractions

Some of the top places to see in Saputara are:

  • Sunrise Point: Best known for breathtaking sunrise views and panoramic views of the surrounding region.

  • Sunset Point: Offers magical sunset views.

  • Gira Waterfalls: A mesmerizing 50-foot high waterfall set amidst lush green forests.

  • Echo Point: Famous for echoing your voices back due to its geography and landscape.

  • Gandhi Shikhar: The highest peak in Saputara at a height of 1,172 meters, it offers an incredible aerial view of the entire region.

  • Lake Garden: A beautiful garden maintained by the tourism department featuring gorgeous flowers, plants, and well-manicured lawns.

  • Step Garden: A lush botanical garden with criss-crossing steps leading up to scenic viewpoints.

  • Boating in Lake: Paddle boating is available at the serene Saputara Lake located in the heart of the hill station.

  • Museums & Gardens: Saputara has several museums and gardens like the Artist Village, Wax Museum, Tribal Museum, and more.

Recommended Itinerary

Most tourists can cover all the top attractions in Saputara over 2-3 days. Here’s a recommended itinerary:

Day 1

  • Start early to catch the sunrise from Sunrise Point

  • Visit Echo Point

  • Stop at Lake Garden & Step Garden

  • See Gandhi Shikhar

  • Explore Museums or Tribal Village

Day 2

  • See Gira Waterfalls in the morning

  • Relax at Lake Saputara, enjoy boating

  • Watch the majestic sunset at Sunset Point

  • Shop at the local market for souvenirs

Day 3

  • Reserve for any left-over attractions you couldn’t see earlier

  • Take a heritage walk of Saputara for cultural insights

  • Check out events/shows by local tribes

So in total, 2 full days are sufficient to see all the main sights. If you have more time, extend it to 3 days for a more relaxed exploration. The highlights can also be covered in 1.5 days if you have limited time.

Tips for Visiting Saputara

  • Avoid weekends and holidays as it gets very crowded

  • Pre-book hotels in peak seasons for availability

  • There are direct state buses available from major cities like Ahmedabad, Surat

  • Carry light woolens even in summer as it gets cool, especially at night and viewpoints

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as it involves moving around hilly areas


So pack your bags and head out to explore the incredible natural charm of Saputara! This handy guide on the number of days needed will help you better plan your trip. Have a memorable time creating beautiful memories amidst the lush green hills, misty clouds, and natural wonders of this breathtaking destination!


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