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How I Make My Way to Panchgani from Pune

As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, one of my favorite weekend getaways from Pune is Panchgani. Nestled beautifully in the Sahyadri ranges, Panchgani is a quintessential hill station that offers stunning mountain views, lush greenery, and a pleasant climate all year round.

Over the years, I have made numerous trips to this charming town and would like to share my personal experiences on how I reach Panchgani from Pune.

how to reach panchgani from pune

Choosing the Right Mode of Transport

  • Self-drive cars - This is my preferred way of getting to Panchgani as it offers maximum flexibility and comfort. The drive usually takes around 4 hours and I enjoy the scenic views along the way. Just remember to get your vehicle serviced beforehand.

  • Buses - There are regular MSRTC buses that ply between Pune and Panchgani daily. Though economical, I find them less comfortable for the long journey. The travel time is around 4.5 hours.

  • Trains - If you wish to travel by train, you need to alight at Wathar station which is the nearest railhead, located around 13km from Panchgani. From there you can hire a taxi. Total travel time is usually 6 hours.

  • Renting taxis/cabs - You can either rent a self-drive cab from Pune or hire an outstation taxi with driver. This is a good option if you are not confident of driving yourself. The journey will be around 4 hours.

I always book my preferred mode of transport well in advance, especially during peak seasons when tourist crowds throng the hill station. Advance planning always pays off.

Packing Right for the Trip

Since Panchgani is located high up in the Western Ghats, the weather here is quite pleasant during the day but can get very chilly at nights. So carrying some warm clothing is a must whenever I visit Panchgani.

Here are some essential things I always pack for my Panchgani trip from Pune:

  • Light woolens - sweaters, jackets, shawls

  • Comfortable shoes and slippers

  • Medications if required

  • Snacks and water

  • Camera and extra batteries

  • Small backpack to carry essentials during sightseeing

Packing right ensures I have a comfortable trip amidst the hills. I also make sure my family packs appropriately before undertaking the journey to this beautiful hill retreat.

Taking Pitstops En Route

Driving for 4 continuous hours can be quite dull and tiring. So I make sure to take adequate pitstops en route Panchgani to stretch my legs, grab a bite, and break the monotony of the journey.

My favorite pitstop is the Kamat Upachar hotel located near Ravet. It has clean washrooms, a small restaurant, and even permits pets. I usually have their signature misal pav and chai whenever I halt here.

There are also other good restaurants like McDonalds and food courts en route where one can stop over for a quick meal. Just remember not to take too long if you have to reach Panchgani before sunset.

Exploring Panchgani

Once I reach Panchgani after the scenic drive, there are plenty of spots I love visiting during my trip:

  • Table Land - This flat large plateau offers magnificent views of the surrounding valleys and hills. I love taking long walks here and enjoying the weather.

  • Parsi Point - The sunrise viewed from this cliff is simply breathtaking. Don't miss it.

  • Mapro Garden - The strawberry cream here is to die for. There is also a chocolate factory and small nursery.

  • Sydney Point - The sunset views are marvelous from this vantage point.

There are also many parks, lakes, and local markets to explore. I like to cover 2-3 spots leisurely each day, take nature walks around the town, and retire to my hotel early.

Making the Return Journey

I prefer taking the same route back to Pune that I took when reaching Panchgani as I am familiar with it. Before starting my return journey, I have a filling breakfast and make sure my family uses the washroom as there are limited rest stops en route. I pack up all our belongings, check out from the hotel, and start driving back by late morning. This prevents getting stuck in peak traffic near Pune.

I take adequate breaks and have a simple lunch en route. Upon reaching Pune city limits, I first drop fellow travelers home and then return to my residence. This brings the curtains down on another memorable trip to Panchgani for me.

Why I Love Traveling to Panchgani

Over the years, Panchgani has become my go-to quick getaway destination from Pune owing to several factors:

  • Serene natural beauty - With its hills, lakes, flora and fauna, Panchgani offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature. It is a nature lover's paradise.

  • Pleasant weather - While Pune can get very hot and humid in summer, Panchgani provides a welcome respite with its perennially cool and comfortable climate.

  • Walking trails - Exploring Panchgani on foot along its numerous scenic walking trails is an experience in itself. You can trek leisurely for hours amidst natural splendor.

  • Local cuisine - I love indulging in the simple, tasty vegetarian fare of Panchgani that includes hot corn soup, bun maska, and strawberry cream.

For me, Panchgani has become a second home where I can unwind comfortably. Its old-world charm, laidback vibes, friendly locals, and nature's abundance keep calling me back. I look forward to my next visit to this quaint hill station very soon.


So if you also stay in Pune and are looking for a quick weekend break amidst verdant hills, simply follow my guide on how to reach Panchgani. I'm sure you will also fall in love with this little hill paradise. Let me know if you need any other tips for traveling here from our city.


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