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Finding Solace at the Dugarwadi Waterfall

The roar of the waterfall greeted me as I stepped out of my car, the perfect start to my long-awaited weekend getaway to the Dugarwadi Falls. Nestled deep within the forests of Nashik Maharashtra, barely 30 kilometers from the city, lies this hidden gem - a haven that instantly transported me to a world away from my daily stresses back in the concrete jungle.

As I began my 1-2 kilometer trek to reach the base of the falls, I could feel the rush of excitement at experiencing nature in one of its purest forms. During monsoon season, the Dugarwadi Falls was alive, with water gushing down ferociously from a height of over 300 feet. I quickened my pace, taking care not to slip on the wet rocks along the path.

Dugarwadi Waterfall

An Oasis of Tranquility

Upon reaching, I was awestruck by the raw, untamed beauty unfurling before my eyes. The cascading waters of the Dugarwadi Falls plunging into a picturesque pool surrounded by thick vegetation created an atmosphere of unmatched serenity. For a moment, I forgot all about the nagging issues that seemed so important before.

I found a nice vantage point on a large rock to sit and allow the beauty of Mother Nature to engulf me. The rhythmic sound of the waterfalls had an immediately calming effect as I absorbed my lush green surroundings. It served as the perfect place to meditate and refresh my senses - a vibrant reward for having made the trip here

Dugarwadi Waterfall

An Offbeat Wonder Yet to be Fully Explored

Despite being one of Maharashtra’s most alluring waterfalls, the Dugarwadi Falls still remain relatively unexplored, making it an offbeat destination even during peak season. The sense of solitude and privacy only added to its charm. However, I would still advise visiting in a group here as a safety precaution since security is scant.

Dugarwadi Waterfall

As I continued soaking in the raw splendor, my mind kept wandering back to the daily urban struggle I had temporarily left behind. I realized places like the Dugarwadi Falls are essential retreats to help us detox from city life. The falls can certainly see a surge in popularity if its amazing potential as an eco-tourism site is fully tapped into by local authorities.

Promising Signs of Tourism Growth

On my drive back, I noticed various small homestays and farm-stays mushrooming around the area. It signals the gradual recognition of the waterfall’s tourism value. While commercialization could hamper its pristine allure, controlled promotion can uplift the region and its people. The key lies in striking the right balance between the two.


The memory of the serenading waterfall will certainly stay etched in my mind for long. The sore muscles from scrambling over slippery rocks were but a small price to pay for discovering this hidden gem. My weekend away from the frenzy of Nashik City gave me a renewed sense of optimism.

Sometimes you have to step back from madness to regain sanity. I couldn’t ask for a better place to have done so than at the enchanting Dugarwadi Waterfall.


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