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20 Hidden Gems and Offbeat Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Bangalore is vast with interesting and hidden places waiting to be explored. This garden city of India has many offbeat spots that most people don't know about. This article discusses 20 hidden gems and offbeat places near Bangalore that are perfect for a weekend getaway.

Why Visit Offbeat Places Near Bangalore?

Bangalore is one of India's most vibrant localities. However, the city life can get monotonous. That's why it's essential to take a break and visit serene destinations near Bangalore.

Bangalore has many offbeat places where you can participate in activities like trekking, camping, etc. Apart from being tourist attractions, these offbeat spots also give a glimpse of local culture.

20 Hidden Gems and Offbeat Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Here are 20 hidden gems and offbeat places to visit near Bangalore:

1. Nandi Hills

Situated around 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one of the best places to see the sunrise. The hill offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Apart from sightseeing, one can also try paragliding at Nandi Hills.

hidden gems in bangalore

2. Bangalore Fort

Unlike Bangalore Fort ruins in the city center, this relatively unknown 16th-century fort is located 40 km outside Bangalore near Devanahalli. The fort isn't well-maintained but is an excellent offbeat place for history buffs.

3. Jakkur Lake

Jakkur Lake is one of Bangalore's best-kept secrets. This underrated freshwater lake is in the northern part of Bangalore. The beautiful trail around the lake is ideal for nature walks and bird watching.

Jakkur Lake

4. Hesaraghatta Lake

30 km from Bangalore, Hesaraghatta Lake dates back to 1894. This man-made lake has lush green surroundings perfect for picnics. One can also enjoy water sports like kayaking at Hesaraghatta.

5. Turahalli Forest

Turahalli forest is located just 10 km from the Bangalore city center. The natural rock formations make it popular for trekking and rock climbing. It's also an excellent spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

6. Kanva Reservoir

Around 90 km from Bangalore, Kanva reservoir has beautiful lush green surroundings. Some adventure activities at Kanva reservoir are trekking, camping, rappelling, valley crossing, etc. It's an ideal offbeat spot for nature lovers.

7. Makalidurga Temple

Situated 54 km from Bangalore, Makalidurga temple is a popular religious site located on top of a hill. The uphill trek, picturesque views of the gorge below make Makalidurga a perfect offbeat destination for trekkers.

8. Bheemeshwari Nature Camp

Located around 100 km from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari nature camp sits on the banks of the Cauvery river. Popular activities at Bheemeshwari are trekking, raft building, kayaking, coracle rides, etc. It's ideal for adventure lovers.

9. Antharagange Shiva Temple

Antharagange temple with a hot water spring is one of Karnataka's offbeat temples. It is located 70km from Bangalore. Apart from religious importance, Antharagange hill has excellent trekking tracks ideal for enthusiasts.

Antharagange Shiva Temple

10. Arkavathy Reservoir

Also known as Kumudvathi, Arkavathy reservoir spreads over 30 hectares of wooded land. Located 72 km from Bangalore, this idyllic location is popular for bird watching, rock climbing, nature walks, etc.

11. Devarayana Durga Forest

Devarayana Durga forest is about 80 km from Bangalore. This mountain range is excellent for adventure activities like trekking, camping, jungle safari, nature walks, etc. The Narasimha Swamy temple located here adds to its charm.

12. Chunchi Falls

Located 90 km from Bangalore city, Chunchi falls make for an excellent offbeat getaway. The waterfall and the river are ideal spots to spend a relaxed day amidst nature. One can also enjoy activities like river rafting here.

Chunchi Falls

13. Ramanagara

Ramanagara is popularly called Silk City. Located 50 km from Bangalore, Ramanagara hills became famous after the legendary movie Sholay. Its landscape full of massive boulders offers adventurous activities.

14. Big Banyan Tree

The 400-year-old Big Banyan Tree is located 32 km from Bangalore. With its sprawling branches covering close to 3 acres of land, the tree is a spectacular site. The temple within the tree adds to its allure.

15. Halasuru Someshwara Temple

Someshwara Temple is located in Bangalore's Ulsoor area, making it one of the best offbeat temples in the city. Dating to the Chola period, it has a beautiful architecture that history aficionados will appreciate.

16. Srirangapatna

Located 128 km from Bangalore is the historically important island town of Srirangapatna. The entire town is dotted with monuments that take one back to Tipu Sultan's era. The town offers activities like boating, birdwatching, etc.

17. Shivagange Temple

With a hill shaped like a 'Shiva linga,' Shivagange temple is one of the most religious sites near Bangalore. Located 50 km from Bangalore, Shivagange temple, hills have attractions like Ganesha temple, Nandi statue, etc.

18. Kotilingeshwara Temple

Located 108 km from Bangalore, Kotilingeshwara temple has the largest collection of Shiva lingas in the world. The temple has around 10 lakh lingas, making its architecture a sight to behold.

19. Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri hills are located 62 km from Bangalore. The Skandagiri night trek gives a unique experience of trekking under a clear night sky. It takes around 2-3 hours to complete this moderately difficult trek.

20. Bangalore Palace

In the heart of Bengaluru is the marvelously built Bangalore Palace. It brings the Tudor style architecture of England right here. The palace showcases royal memorabilia which takes one back to the time of its construction.

Bangalore Palace


Bangalore has several panoramic locations waiting to be explored. These offbeat places reveal the natural and cultural diversity around India's Silicon Valley. Most offbeat spots near Bangalore provide adventure activities set amidst nature.

So next time you plan for a trip, ditch the regular tourist places. Instead, head out to these hidden gems around Bangalore for an offbeat experience. Let us know in the comments below if you have already been to any of these places or are planning to after reading this blog.


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