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The Top 12 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Andaman

As an avid traveler, I'm always seeking out those special destinations that have an otherworldly charm and natural beauty. Places where I can immerse myself in nature, disconnect from the frenzy of daily life, and experience that sense of wonder that comes from exploring somewhere new. If you love traveling off the beaten track, then you must add the Andaman Islands to your bucket list.

Part of an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is a tropical haven with sun-kissed beaches, verdant jungles, thriving coral reefs, and rich history. Though more popular now, it still has an untouched feel that transports you to another world. Join me on a journey through the top 12 most mesmerizing places to visit during your Andaman holiday.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

With its pristine white sand and translucent turquoise waters, Radhanagar is the quintessential tropical beach paradise. As I strolled along the almost deserted shore, the only sounds were the rustling palms and gentle waves lapping along the coast. The pastel pink and blue sunset was the perfect ending to a blissful beach day. Don't miss it!

Radhanagar Beach
Radhanagar Beach

Limestone Caves, Baratang Island

Accessible only by boat through dense mangrove forests, the limestone caves of Baratang made me feel like a character in an Indiana Jones movie! I was speechless wandering through the labyrinth of caves with their stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and rock formations created over thousands of years. Definitely one of Andaman's top natural wonders.

Limestone Caves
Limestone Caves

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya means birds in Hindi, and they flock here at sunrise and sunset. I watched the orange sun sink into the sea as the sky turned pink, while seabirds circled around me. The views of mangrove forests and isolated islands were incredible from Munda Pahar, a wooden hilltop viewpoint. It was the perfect place to observe indigenous birds like the Andaman woodpecker.

Scuba Diving in Havelock

Having never dived before, I was thrilled to experience the underwater world around Havelock Island. Gliding through coral gardens with schools of angelfish and neon parrotfish was like being transported to a magical place. The local dive center made sure I was comfortable as a beginner. Diving around Andaman is now one of my all-time travel highlights!

 Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Neil Island

After the diving adventure, I was happy to unwind on Neil Island with its laidback vibes. Long walks alongRamnagar Beach with coconut trees dotting the coastline, savoring delicious seafood BBQ as the sun set, exploring coral reefs while snorkeling - the slower island pace was just what I needed. Neil felt like my own secret tropical escape.

Neil Island
Neil Island

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

No first trip to Andaman is complete without understanding its history. At the infamous Cellular Jail, I was moved by accounts of the Indian freedom fighters imprisoned here by the British, especially the women like Kalpana Dutt Joshi. The place had a somber yet inspiring air that gave me goosebumps. A must-see memorial.

Ross & Smith Islands

I've seen few sights as striking as the twin Ross and Smith islands connected by a sandbar. With the lush tropical trees growing on pristine white sand and the shallow azure sea on both sides, it was truly picture perfect. Local kids played cricket on the sandbar while people watched the stunning sunset. The ideal place for a romantic stroll.

Sitapur Beach, Neil Island

I was told about this hidden gem located on Neil's southern coast. The water was so shallow and clear here that I could see small fish swimming at my feet as I waded in! With hardly any tourists, it felt like my own private beach. I walked for miles along the empty coastline and watched the fiery sunrise, mesmerized.

Long Island

For offbeat adventures, visit Long Island near Lalaji Bay Beach accessible only by boat. I hiked through verdant tropical forests and coconut groves spotting parakeets, spotted deer, saltwater crocodiles and rare Nicobar pigeons. The secluded beaches were breathtaking. It was an island jungle safari like no other!

Cinque Island

Another day, another remote tropical island! North and South Cinque Islands off Wandoor were untouched, with pristine reefs and barely any tourists. Snorkeling through the kaleidoscopic corals and seeing schools of angelfish and parrotfish swim by was fascinating. And the beaches with swaying palms were right out of a screensaver!

Mangrove Boat Safari

A nature lover, I enjoyed cruising through the dense mangrove forests near Wandoor in the early morning. It was tranquil gliding along the rivers and creeks watching crabs scuttle up the mudflats, spotting kingfishers, sea eagles, and rare saltwater crocodiles. The unique mangrove ecosystem was mesmerizing to witness up close.

Havelock Island Beaches

With so many stunning beaches, I was spoiled for choice in Havelock! Kalapathar Beach was a highlight with its pristine sands and swimming in bioluminescent plankton at night. I saw fruit bats hanging from trees at the unspoiled and remote Aerial Bay. And Vijaynagar Beach had palm trees leaning over the white sand and turquoise sea that seemed to go on forever. Beach hopping paradise!


The remote tropical beauty and laidback vibes of the Andaman Islands exceeded my expectations. I left relaxed, rejuvenated and already planning a return trip. Hopefully this list of incredible places inspires you to plan an Andaman holiday soon. Let me know your favorite experiences in the comments!


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