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How to Reach Mandwa Beach from Mumbai

As a long-time resident of Mumbai, I thought I had seen all the beaches around the city. However, I recently learned about the offbeat Mandwa Beach located across the harbor, a short ferry ride away from the Gateway of India. Given its relative seclusion and tranquil atmosphere, I was immediately intrigued to visit this beach and see it for myself.

In this post, I'll share my first-hand experience making my way to Mandwa Beach from Mumbai. I'll offer tips on transport options, ferry timings, what to expect when you arrive, things to do there, places to stay overnight, and more.

Whether you're a local or visiting Mumbai, I hope this guide gives you a window into exploring this hidden gem without hassles.

How to Reach Mandwa Beach from Mumbai

Transportation Logistics: How to Get There

To start, you need to get to Mumbai's iconic Gateway of India, the harbor area from where the ferries depart. Given Mumbai's notoriously bad traffic, I'd recommend taking the local train or a cab rather than driving yourself.

From Gateway of India, there are regular ferry services that make the hour-long journey to Mandwa Jetty. The ride costs about ₹250 for a return ticket. Ferries start around 9 AM in the morning and run every hour until 5 PM. I took the noon ferry which was a pleasant ride across the harbor—it's amazing how Mumbai's skyline looks from the sea!

Once the ferry arrived, I only had to walk for 10 minutes from the Mandwa jetty to reach the stunning beach. If you plan to stay overnight and have luggage, you can also hire rickshaws right outside the jetty.

What to Expect: A Peaceful Escape

As I took my first steps on Mandwa Beach, the contrast from bustling Mumbai was stark. There was pristine golden sand, strikingly blue waters, and green casuarina trees swaying gently in the sea breeze - I couldn't believe such serenity existed so close to the city!

Unlike the more crowded beaches across Mumbai, Mandwa has retained its village charm. I could take long walks along the 3 km coastline without the cacophony of urban chaos. That afternoon, I saw only a handful of locals and tourists spread out far across the expansive beach. Without the usual hustle, I could hear every wave gently crash and truly unwind.

Barring a few shacks serving snacks and coconut water, there is limited commercial activity around Mandwa Beach. But that's precisely what I loved - it feels like a private beach getaway! With hardly any crowds even during sunsets, you can soak in the splendid colors spreading across the sky and sea.

Enjoy Activities or Sheer Relaxation

While lounging on the beach taking in views is reason enough to visit, there are also some activities offered for adventure seekers. I tried my hand at the popular banana boat rides organized by local operators - mingled fear and excitement as our boat bucked on the waves! Parasailing is another popular activity usually done closer to the monsoons when winds pick up.

If you’re looking for a quicker getaway from Mumbai just for the day, Mandwa Beach fits the bill. However, I'd recommend staying overnight at one of the few beach resorts dotting the sands.

Waking up to the sound of lapping waves, going for morning swims in the cool Arabian Sea, and watching remarkable sunrises is an experience not to miss! Most resorts also have yoga and meditation spaces if you prefer some inner quietude.

The Future Holds Promise

Although slightly more effort is needed to reach Mandwa from Mumbai than the usual hotspots, it remains relatively unexplored. This means it retains its peaceful and pristine charm. However, accessibility will improve in the future with motorized catamaran services starting and a sea bridge linking the mainland.

While increased connectivity would bring more tourists potentially impacting its ecology, I hope adequate measures are taken to balance sustainable growth with the preservation of Mandwa’s natural allure.

I for one will cherish the serene memories of my first trip to this hidden gem of Mumbai’s coastline. And hope to recreate that experience as much as possible in the years to come.


So if you want to get away from Mumbai's fast pace and lose yourself watching magical sunrises and sunsets by the sea - set course to Mandwa. Take the short ferry ride without hesitation, and let the beach work its calming magic while it's still peaceful.


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