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How to Reach Gokarna from Mumbai

Gokarna is a small temple town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Known for its pristine beaches and ancient Hindu temples, Gokarna has emerged as a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai. Its palm-fringed beaches like Om Beach and Kudle Beach are some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches along the Konkan coast.

Reaching Gokarna from Mumbai is convenient as there are plenty of transportation options available.

How to Reach Gokarna from Mumbai

By Train from Mumbai

There are a couple of overnight trains that run between Mumbai and Gokarna Road railway station. The distance between Mumbai and Gokarna is about 520 km and takes around 12 hours by train.

Some popular trains from Mumbai to Gokarna are:

  • Matsyagandha Express

  • Marusagar Express

  • Koyna Express

These trains depart in the evening from Mumbai and reach Gokarna Road station early next morning. From Gokarna Road station, you can take an auto-rickshaw to reach the main town which is around 10 km away.

By Bus from Mumbai

There are regular state transport as well as private luxury buses that ply between Mumbai and Gokarna. Both government-run buses and private operators like VRL, Paulo Travels, National Travels etc operate overnight bus services to Gokarna from Mumbai.

The buses depart from Mumbai in the evening and take around 14 hours to reach the Gokarna bus stand. From the bus stand, you can take an auto-rickshaw to reach your hotel or beach of choice.

Via Goa Flight + Bus

Another convenient way to reach Gokarna from Mumbai is to take a flight to Goa and then a bus to Gokarna. There are regular flights from Mumbai to Goa operated by Indian and private carriers. The flight takes around 1 hour.

From Goa airport, you can take a bus to Gokarna. Both state transport and private buses are available from the Panaji bus stand in Goa to the Gokarna bus stand. This bus journey takes around 6 hours. So you can reach Gokarna in under 8 hours by flight and bus via Goa.

Via Bangalore Flight + Bus/Taxi

You can also take a flight to Bangalore airport and then a bus or taxi to Gokarna. Flights from Mumbai to Bangalore take around 2 hours.

From Bangalore airport, there are state transport buses as well as occasional private buses to Gokarna from Majestic bus stand. This overnight bus journey takes around 12 hours. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi which will take around 9 hours.

So if you take an early morning flight, you can reach Gokarna the same day evening by bus or taxi from Bangalore.


In summary, Gokarna can be easily reached from Mumbai by train, bus, or flight and bus/taxi combination. Trains and buses offer an affordable option while flights and taxis allow you to reach faster. So choose an option that best suits your budget and time.


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