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How to Reach the Coastal Town of Dapoli from Pune

As a resident of Pune who loves getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city to explore Maharashtra's beautiful coastal destinations, I make my way to the neat and serene town of Dapoli quite often.

Nestled in the Ratnagiri district, just 230 km from Pune, Dapoli offers a rejuvenating experience with its laidback vibes, clean beaches, and abundant natural beauty.

Over the years, I have mastered the art of navigating from Pune to this seaside getaway through the most convenient means of transport. In this article, I will share my tried and tested route to reach Dapoli from Pune based on my personal experiences.

How to Reach Dapoli from Pune

Choosing the Right Mode of Transport

Train or bus? This is the first decision I make when planning my trips to Dapoli.

  • I prefer trains as they offer more comfort and quicker travel compared to buses on this route. The journey lasts around 7-8 hours which is quite manageable.

  • Buses take almost an hour longer but they have more frequent departures. I opt for overnight buses to save on accommodation costs.

Once I decide between train or bus, I book my tickets well in advance as they tend to get filled up quickly during seasons.

Pro Travel Tip: Travel during the off-season if possible for better deals, less crowd, and more space to relax.

Boarding The Train From Pune

When taking the train, I usually board from Pune Junction. It is the main railway station in Pune and has better connectivity and facilities compared to others in the city.

Some key things I ensure before my train journey:

  • Reach the station at least 45 minutes prior to the departure

  • Get the platform number to avoid last-minute confusion

  • Find my coach and seat as soon as I enter

  • Keep snacks and entertainment handy for the long journey

I prefer window seats to enjoy glimpses of the Western Ghats as the train snakes through lush green landscapes.

Key Stop - Kolhapur Junction

The train route from Pune to Dapoli has only one key stop - Kolhapur Junction, around 5-6 hours into the journey.

Here are the things I quickly ticked off at Kolhapur station during the 20-minute halting time:

  • Stretch my legs on the platform

  • Grab a quick snack

  • Use the washroom

  • Check the coach's position when the train arrives - it can change sometimes

This short break makes me refreshed to cover the last leg of my journey.

Pro Tip: Try the famous authentic Kolhapuri misal at the station for a flavorful treat.

Reaching My Destination - Dapoli

In about an hour from Kolhapur, I finally arrived at my destination - Dapoli railway station!

The sight of locals fishing with nets at the Kelshi Lake visible from the train windows indicates that I have indeed reached the coast.

As soon I get down at Dapoli station, the salted breeze kisses my face giving me a warm welcome. I collect my bags and step out to hail an auto-rickshaw to my pre-booked stay.

Dapoli is a small town so most spots are easily accessible via shared autos and buses during the day. But I anyways prefer to travel light and make the most by exploring the nearby beaches and villages on foot.

Making The Return Journey

I usually spend 3-4 days discovering the tranquil beaches, lakes, and forts nestled amidst the rugged Sahyadri ranges around Dapoli.

To return to Pune, I mostly take the same route I came from through trains or buses from Dapoli bus stand if I miss the train timings.

The return leg of the journey feels faster as I am already recharged from my coastal vacation ready to get back to city life again! I also make sure to carry back the original Kokum syrup from Dapoli for the family and some sol kadi (coconut-based drink) to beat the heat.

Quick Tips for an Enjoyable Trip

Here are some additional pointers to help you plan your journey from Pune to Dapoli:

Book in Advance: Confirm your tickets 1-2 weeks before your travel dates for availability

Pack Light: Carry only necessary items in a bag to avoid hassle

Have Snacks/Water: Stay hydrated and munch during the journey

Charge Devices: Have enough battery backup for taking photos

Carry Medicines: If you need specific medicines, pack them

Travel During the Day: Reaching Dapoli early gives you more exploring time

Make Friends Along: Meet interesting fellow travelers during your transit


So that sums up my tried and tested route and tips to make the most of your trip from Pune to the coastal town of Dapoli. This journey has always served as the perfect reset button for me from the urban commotion. I hope you create some special memories at Dapoli just as I do every single time.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other queries on making this trip smooth and enjoyable. Happy journey.


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