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How to Go to Tamhini Ghat - My Personal Experiences

I still remember the first time I drove through Tamhini Ghat - those 29 hairpin curves winding through the spectacular Western Ghats took my breath away. As an avid road tripper always looking to explore offbeat destinations in India, driving along this mountain road was an incredible experience. However, navigating the ghats can be quite tricky for first-timers.

So based on my personal experiences, here is a handy guide on how to go to Tamhini Ghat and truly enjoy its stunning vistas:

how to go tamhini ghat

Overview of Tamhini Ghat

Located in the Pune district of Maharashtra, Tamhini Ghat connects the towns of Mulshi and Tamhini. Driving through this mountainous stretch is the best way to experience its raw, rugged beauty. The emerald green hills, patches of fog drifting through the valleys, and dozens of waterfalls gushing down the cliffs make for picture-perfect views.

I would recommend going during the monsoons for the most dramatic scenery - the rain-drenched Sahyadri hills look even more lush and the waterfalls are in full fury. Though the roads get slippery, taking some precautions makes it safe.

Just be alert on the roads, keep your fog lamps on, and maintain a slow speed. Trust me, it’s worth braving the rains to see the mountains in all their glory.

Driving Route and Tips

Here is the route I would recommend if you’re driving from Pune:

  • Pune - Chandni Chowk - Pirangut - Mulshi Dam - Tamhini Ghat - Tamhini

  • The route is around 85 km long and takes about 2.5 - 3 hours

  • After Mulshi dam, the ghat section starts which has 29 steep hairpin band curves

  • Keep a look out for the milestones which mark the hairpin turns

While driving up or down the ghats, keeping these tips in mind will ensure a safe journey:

  • Check your vehicle condition - Ensure your tyres, brakes, headlights etc are in good shape

  • Drive in daylight - Avoid driving late evening or night when visibility is low

  • Maintain low speed - Drive slowly at 20-30 km/hr to have better control

  • Use low gear - Shift to low gear to prevent overheating of brakes

  • Stay alert - Be aware of cross traffic and overtaking vehicles at curves

Trust me, if you take all the precautions and drive steadily, navigating Tamhini Ghat is not as dangerous as it seems.

Mesmerizing Scenery and Viewpoints

Driving through the meandering roads, around each bend you’ll spot breathtaking vistas. The best stretch is between Mulshi dam and the Phata village midway.

Some of the viewpoints you shouldn’t miss are:

  • Mulshi Dam - Stop to admire the serene dam waters with Sahyadri peaks in the distance

  • Waterfalls Viewpoint - Just 2 km from the dam, you can see waterfalls cascading from nearby cliffs

  • Reversing Station- Area after the 26th hairpin bend, where buses reverse to navigate the steep curve!

  • Mansion Curve - The narrow 28th hairpin bend with a dilapidated mansion overlooking the cliffs.

  • Phata Village - Quaint village midway offering great views of the surrounding valley

I would recommend getting down at these spots to truly experience the natural beauty rather than just driving through. Trust me, the offbeat trails and hidden gems you discover make it worth the effort.

What to eat Enroute

While Tamhini Ghat itself is quite remote, there are a few local eateries along the way where you can stop for a quick snack and chai.

After Mulshi dam, I stopped at a small hotel near Phata village for breakfast. They serve simple Indian fare like poha, upma etc along with tea and coffee.

Further down the ghats, there are a couple of small restaurants where you get chicken/fish thalis. They offer welcome solace from the winding roads.

However, I would advise carrying some snacks and water in the car too. The spots midway get very crowded in weekends and stopping too often on the narrow roads can disrupt traffic.

Drive Slowly, Safely and Responsibly

Since Tamhini Ghat has just one lane in each direction, there are certain etiquette drivers must follow:

  • Maintain distance from the vehicle ahead and avoid tailgating

  • Don’t overtake vehicles unless the way is completely clear

  • Honk before taking sharp turns to alert from the opposite side

  • Park your vehicles properly at the overlook points without obstructing traffic

  • Don’t stop in the middle of the ghat stretch unless it’s an emergency

  • Avoid playing loud music to not disturb the serenity

By driving slowly, giving way to vehicles from the opposite side and avoiding rash manoeuvres like sudden braking, the ghats can be navigated smoothly without any untoward incidents.

I have seen tourists driving recklessly to get photos and videos which can prove dangerous. What’s the point of risking your safety for some likes on social media?

The ghats deserve your patience - drive responsibly so that you and others reach them safely.

Relish the Timeless Beauty

Driving through Tamhini Ghat with its rustic charm and captivating scenery etched in my mind forever. From dense forests to cascading waterfalls, emerald valleys and the mighty Sahyadris, it gave me a glimpse of Maharashtra’s natural splendour that I always cherish.

I hope these tips help you plan your Tamhini Ghat trip better. Drive safe, don’t pollute the environment and enjoy the ageless beauty at its best. Seeing the sights slowly emerge around each hairpin bend is an experience you’ll never forget.

Let me know in the comments if you need any other details for visiting Tamhini Ghat.


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