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12 Fun Things to Do On Your Lonavala Vacation

Nestled in the Sahyadri ranges, Lonavala is one of Maharashtra’s most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. With its green valleys, gushing waterfalls, misty hills and historical caves, Lonavala offers plenty of experiences to relax, unwind and rejuvenate, away from city life.

As someone who grew up visiting Lonavala often for quick family trips, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite 12 things to do on your next Lonavala vacation.

1. Explore Karla and Bhaja Caves

Take a trip back in time to around 160 BC by exploring the ancient Karla and Bhaja rock-cut caves, that once served as Buddhist monasteries. I always find it fascinating to admire the structures carved into a rocky mountainside and intricate religious carvings on the walls. The caves also afford pretty views of the surrounding hills.

2. Trek to Rajmachi Fort

For some adventure, I highly recommend the moderately challenging 6-7 hour trek through dense forests and high peaks to the historic 17th century Rajmachi Fort. The scenic vistas along the way and sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top with the fort ruins made it unforgettable. You can also stay overnight at the fort.

Rajmachi Point, Khandala, Lonavla, Maharashtra
View from Rajmachi top area.

3. Enjoy Thrilling Water Sports

We enjoyed doing white water rafting on the Ulhas River rapids with friends which got our adrenaline pumping! Other popular water activities like kayaking, speed boating and jet skiing are also offered at Pawna Lake. Perfect if you’re seeking some action and adventure.

4. Relax at Bushi Dam

After all the tiring activities, I love going for a soothing walk along the serene Bushi Dam. It’s surrounded by forested hills and the peaceful ambiance is perfect for a relaxed picnic. You can watch locals swimming across the dam or simply sit on the steps with a book.

5. Lion’s Point Scenic Lookout

One of my favorite things is to drive up to Lion’s Point early morning when the peaks are blanketed in mist. Watching the fog dissipate slowly to reveal stunning panoramic views of the Western Ghats is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the Insta-worthy “I Love Lonavala” sign here!

6. Shop Local Chikki

Any trip here is incomplete without gorging on the addictive local groundnut and walnut chikki, available from street vendors or Maganlal Chikki shop. The sweet and nutty homemade fudge is perfect to snack on while exploring the green hills. A must-try Lonavala specialty!

7. Della Adventure Park

This adventure park isIndia’s largest with activities like zip-lining, rappelling, rocket ejector, zorbing and more. We enjoyed zip-lining over lush greenery which offered an eagle’s eye view of the landscape. Perfect if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush!

8. Sip Tea at Sunil's Celebrity Wax Museum Cafe

For a unique experience, we had tea at Sunil's Celebrity Wax Museum’s rooftop cafe surrounded by startlingly lifelike wax statues of celebrities. The quirky ambiance set amidst Lonavala's scenic beauty made it fun. The museum showcases iconic wax figures like Michael Jackson, renowned actors, sportsmen and more.

9. Monsoon Trek to Visapur Fort

The lush green hills of the Sahyadris come alive after the monsoons and make for a rejuvenating trek. The moderately difficult trek to Visapur Fort in lush rainforests reenergized us with its sweeping views of waterfalls and misty landscapes. The ancient fort ruins also offer panoramic views worth the hike.

10. Picnic at Lonavala Lake

Just 15 mins from the main town, the serene Lonavala lake with its pleasant surrounded gardens and boating facilities make it ideal for family picnics. We loved settling under a tree here with some homemade snacks and chikki as the kids enjoyed a boat ride. The perfect spot to unwind close to nature.

11. Explore Khandala Hills

The postcard-perfect Khandala hills are dotted with caves, scenic lakes, temples and viewpoints. I enjoyed the short hike to ancient Pandavgad caves and taking the ropeway for bird’s eye views of the misty surroundings. Or spend time boating on Khandala Lake for a relaxed holiday vibe.

12. Drive to Mahabaleshwar

The scenic 60km drive from Lonavala via the Old Mahabaleshwar Road is one of my favorite road trips. Winding through valleys and the mountain ranges, stopping at viewpoints and waterfalls makes for an unforgettable experience. End your drive at the hill station of Mahabaleshwar.


There is something for every kind of traveler in Lonavala – whether you love adventure, history, nature or just want a relaxed holiday amidst mountain scenery. The charm of this weekend getaway so close to popular cities hasn’t faded over the years.

So the next time you plan a quick trip from Mumbai or Pune, try including some of these memorable experiences during your visit. Let me know which activities you enjoyed doing here!


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